Thursday, July 20, 2006

Guesstimates on July 20, 8:50 am ET

September S&P Futures: The S&P’s are headed for 1280.  Meantime support is at 1258.  

September Bonds: The bonds are headed for resistance at 108-20 and then for 110.  Today support is at 107-02.  

September 10 Year Notes: The notes should rally to 106-08 and then to 107.

Euro-US Dollar: It looks like the market is going to rally close to its last high of 128.59. My target for the moment is 127.80. The market is headed for 123.00 and eventually much lower than that.

Dollar-Yen: The yen should find support at 116.20. I still think the yen will reach the 130 level over the next year.

September Crude: Downside target is 68.00.

August Gold: Resistance above the market is at 650. Yesterday gold  reached short term support near 620.  Weakness below there will confirm that the big droop below 500 that I think is underway has indeed begun.

September Silver: I think silver is on its way below 900. Resistance above the market is at 1130.

Google:  Support is at 394 and I think GOOG will soon move above its last high at 455.

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