Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guesstimates on October 25, 8:15 am ET

Spiders - December S&P Futures: I still think the futures are a short today at 1529 using a 10 point stop. The market did trade at 1529 an hour ago but I prefer to make my trades during regular trading hours. Profit taking target will remain at 1507. I expect another step downward to1480 or so before a move to new bull market highs can begin.

QQQQ: Resistance today is at 54.30 and I think we shall see another drop to 53.00 or so before the market moves up to 56.00.

TLT - December Bonds: I think the bonds will rally into the 114-115 range. TLT should rally a bit more, probably up into the 92-93 range.

December 10 Year Notes: It now looks like the notes will rally to 111-08 or so before a more substantial drop develops.

Euro-US Dollar: Support beneath the market stands at 140.50. The historical high in the euro is 145.75 which was reached in 1992. My best guess is that the market will take a peek above there, probably hitting 146.00 and that this will be followed by a multi-month drop.

Dollar-Yen: Support in the yen is at 113.00. Looking ahead several months I expect to see the 130 level during the next 12 months.

XLE - OIH - USO – December Crude: Crude is on its way to 90.00 but I think the next significant move will be downward. The upside target for USO has been reached as has the 200-205 target for OIH. The 80 target for XLE was not reached but I don’t think the market will make it there now.

GLD - December Gold: The trend is still upward with target 800 and support is at 745.

SLV - December Silver: It looks like silver is headed back to 1500 and support is at 1330.

Google: I think that a rally to 705 is underway. Support is at 630.


Sam said...


Thanks for all of your continued great work. It's always appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Hi Carl:

Could you pls show on a chart or explain a bit further your 1480 support level on the SP500 futures?

Thanks for all your work!