Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guesstimates on January 17, 2012

March S&P E-mini Futures: Today's day session range estimate is 1291-1308. It looks like the market is about to break at least 40-50 points . The longer term trend is upward. A rally from the November 25 low at 1147.50 which matches the size of the October rally would bring the ES to 1370.

QQQ: Now headed for 63.

TNX (ten year note yield): The 10 year yield has started a move to 2.50%.

Euro-US Dollar: Next support is at 1.2620 and a move to 1.2400 is in the cards. . Resistance above the market is at 1.3030 . I think the Euro is "decoupling" from the European and US stock markets because the European Central Bank has made an implicit commitment to provide whatever liquidity is necessary to the EU banking system.

Dollar-Yen: The market is headed down to 70.00. Resistance above the market is at 80.00.

February Crude: An extended upswing is underway. It will probably take crude to 114 or so.

GLD – February Gold: I think gold will probably drop to 1510 or so and then begin a move to 2100.

SLV - March Silver: I think silver is headed for 50.00. Support is at 26.00.

Google: Google is now headed for its 2007 top near 750.

Apple: Upside target is now 475.

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Adsense said...

porsonally i think the market can hold up into early march if my cycles stay on track , yet thursday has a series of low to high counts so my bias is a top short term coming into fridays options expiry followed by a decline , i would expect the dow to hold the 12200-12000 price area
and given that this years pivot sits at 11800 the high in early march can be in the 13036-13320 area. that said short term i would not be surpirsed to see a drop as long as the 12630 level is broken
my bias is to take a short position near 12594 on thursdays close provided that close is near 12594 yet below 12630