Thursday, August 02, 2012

Guesstimates on August 2, 2012

September S&P E-mini Futures: Today's range estimate is 1353-68.  The ES is headed for the 1405-1420 range.  
QQQ:  A move to 76 is underway.
TNX (ten year note yield):  The 10 year yield is trading below  the low of its recent multi-month trading range. The next significant move should bring yields up to 3.00% and higher.   
Euro-US Dollar: Resistance above the market remains at 1.2760. The market looks like it is on its way to 1.1900.
Dollar-Yen: This market is headed for 75 and lower.
September  Crude: The market has reached resistance at 93.  I think the next development will be a resumption of the bear market in crude. Next downside target is 66.
GLD – December Gold:   The market has dropped to the vicinity of the September and December low points at 1544 and 1529. I think a sustained up move is underway.  
SLV - September Silver: A sustained move up is underway.
Google: Google held support near 562 and now is headed up to 750.
Apple: I think the market is headed above its 644 top and probably to 690-700.  Support stands at 560.


ILUVPMS said...

what is a sustained move to you.. you keep saying that?

Anonymous said...

What Carl keeps saying is what sustains or vice versa. At least, Carl is consistent and so is the trend on daily and weekly charts, though it is not easy to trade based on what Carl says. The short-term moves are so sudden and violent that it is easy to overlook what Carl says. But Carl, were you a parrot in your previous life?