Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Currency Traders !

If you are a currency trader I think you may find this set of software tools useful to you.

The software platform is called PitView. It has been developed by a friend of mine of nearly 30 years, Steven Cutler. I have no financial interest in his product and don't trade currencies myself anymore. But Steve is a person of great integrity and lot's of trading experience. I think you should check out PitView to see if his product might give you a leg up on the competition. 

PitView is based on the premise that the order flow, bids and offers, of currency market makers (principally big banks) is the key to detecting the very short term trends in currencies. Cutler has developed a set of indicators, completely computerized, which enable the user to evaluate the aggressiveness of the dealers on the buy or the sell side of the market, and PitView does this in real time for every widely followed currency pair. 

The basic idea is to put on a trade using your standard methodology, whatever it is, only if PitView's indicators say that the currency dealers are taking the same position (long or short) you want to take.

That is pretty much all I know. PitView's website   has a lot more information. You might also want to check out this PitView webinar  which took place May 6.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Steven Cutler to discovered this software.