Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guesstimates on November 27, 2013

December S&P E-mini Futures: Today’s range estimate is 1802-1809. The ES is headed to 1900.
QQQ:  Support is at 80. Upside target remains 86.
TNX (ten year note yield): I think the market will move to 3.50% over the next few months.
Euro-US Dollar: Should the Euro close in New York above 1.3580 I will abandon my downside target of 1.28-1.30 and start looking for continuation upward to 1.40.
Dollar-Yen: The dollar-yen is headed for 107.00.
January Crude:  I think crude is headed back to 86 and possibly lower than that.
December Gold:  The market is headed to 1030.
December Silver: The market is now headed for 13.00.
Google:  Upside target is now 1150 and support beneath the market stands at 970.
Apple:  Upside target is 565 but a close below 510 would mean that AAPL is headed back to 400 or lower.


janet said...

First of all I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Secondly, I would like your perception and take on all this "bubble" talk. How many times are we now hearing the market is in a bubble, blah, blah, blah. It's getting to a frenzy pitch. Anyway, I would like to hear what you are thinking about it.. Thanks, Janet

Unknown said...

from McClellan's email today: "Ed Carlson is the current living expert on the works of the late George Lindsay. Ed also targets the first half of January as the later of two likely ultimate top dates for this uptrend."

Carl Futia said...


When the bubble is really here you won't hear much about it nor read about in the press, on web sites, etc.

pb said...

The bubble will pop when the FED
decides to end QE