Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Guesstimates on December 18, 2018

March S&P E-mini Futures: The ES is now likely to rally to resistance in the 2612-21 zone. If it moves any higher than that then a swing up to 2815 will become likely. On the other hand a drop below 2500 will make it likely that a bear market has begun. In this case the first subsequent downside target will be 2270.
QQQ: The Q’s are probably headed for their February low at 150.
TNX (ten year note yield): Support remains at 2.70%. Next upside target is 3.50%. Rising interest rates are good news for the stock market because they signify that confidence in future growth is being restored. This in turn means that investors will try to put the huge supply of central bank liquidity to work in risky assets. This process will drive world wide stock market prices higher.
Euro-US Dollar: Downside target is 103.
Dollar-Yen: A swing up to 117 is likely.
West Texas Crude Oil: Support at 50 is starting to look wobbly. If it fails a drop to 42-43 will follow.
Gold: The 1250-60 zone is likely to halt the rally and the downside target remains 1125.
Silver: Silver is headed for 12.50 and possibly lower.
Google: I think GOOG is headed for 950.
Apple:  AAPL is now headed for 150.
Facebook:  FB is likely to hold support at 125.
Twitter: TWTR has reestablished itself above 30 in the face of the tech massacre and is now likely to return to 48.
Alibaba: There is a good chance that BABA has made its low in the 130-135 zone. A rally to 175 is underway.
Visa: Support remains at 125.

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