Monday, December 20, 2010

Guesstimates on December 20, 2010

March S&P E-mini Futures: Today's range estimate is 1238-1250. I think the short term trend is still upward. Support remains at 1225 and the next upside target is 1250 which is strong resistance. I think a drop of 50-75 points is imminent. Once it is complete the market will resume its advance to 1300.

QQQQ: Next upside target is at 55.00 and has nearly been reached.

TYX (thirty year bond yield): The 30 year bond yield is on its way to 5.40%.

TNX (ten year note yield): The 10 year yield is headed for 4.50%.

Euro-US Dollar: I think the euro will be supported near 130 and from there will move up to 145.00.

Dollar-Yen: A drop into the 78.00 - 79.00 range is underway and I think an important low will form in that zone.

February Crude: I still think crude oil is headed for 50.00.

GLD – February Gold: A move to new highs is underway. 1450 is the next upside target.

SLV - March Silver: A move to new highs is underway. 31.00 is the upside target.

Google: The 540 level is support. A move that should take GOOG above 700 is underway.

Apple: Should reach 350 (at least) before the bull market ends. Support is at 265.


janet said...

Carl...if we bust above 1250 on good volume will your outlook change?? TIA

Bill said...

Janet, I think if that happens of course Carl will change his mind. Carl always listens to the markets and doesn't mind changing his mind when the market change.

Interesting is that I've seen a couple of analysts predicting the market will end the year at 1275.

Nav said...

@carlrealtime 1235-1245.25 done for today.
ask anyone from that site..always in $$$$$$$$!
Thank You,Sir!

Adsense said...

hey carl
any thoughts on todays lunar eclipse ??? solar eclipse comes in early jan .