Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Big Picture on September 14, 2005

Here are some longer term predictions for markets that interest me.

S&P  - Up to 1350 over the next six months.

T-bond futures  - Up into the 121-123 zone then down to 105 by late 2006.

10 year note futures  - Up to 116 then down to 104 by late 2006.

Gold  - Up to 510

Eurocurrency  - Up into the 126-127 zone then down below 100 over the next couple of years.

US Dollar index  - Up to 100 over the next year and eventually to 121 over the next several years.

Crude Oil  - Down to 55 and then below 40 over the next couple of years.

Google  - Up to 376

Baidu  - Up to 270

IBM  - Up to 108

Microsoft  - Up to 43

CME  - Up to 411

Sears Holdings  - Up to 250


Anonymous said...

Carl, I continue to enjoy your site and your insight. You are one of the few people predicting a rise in the dollar and a drop in the Euro. For the layman, this whole trade deficit contrevesy among the professionals is very confusing and I'm downright excited/giddy to see how it pans out in the next couple of years. I seriously hope you're right!

Keep up the great work and thanks for letting the rest of us in on your thoughts.

Michael said...

Thanks for your work..wld be interesting if you were to add Coppper to your list of financial index's which you is an important economic guage ..(although that could be argued re all of the indicators you track I guess).
The Australian Index futures (SPI..Day contract)..which has been booming (largely linked to copper & oil ))...should top according to my calcs Tuesday...Oil as you have shown appears to be putting in topping pattern with possibly the top done...would be interesting to see what your work says re copper (I dont have access to copper futures unfortunately atm)...have a look at the Australian Index too if you ever get the chance is suprisingly well behaved re following levels such as those you calcuclate.