Thursday, December 29, 2005

Guesstimates on December 29 , 8:50 am ET

March S&P Futures: 1264 is support and I think the market will rally from there to 1298.

March Bonds: The bonds re headed for the next upside target at 115-12. Support stands at 113-28. I expect a rally into the 115-116 zone before the bear market resumes.

March 10 Year Notes: The notes have reached 109-28 and support is at 109-08. I expect a move to 110-12 as the next development. The notes will move into the 111-112 zone before the bear market resumes.

March Eurocurrency: Wednesday’s sharp rally was decisively reversed later that day so the market now is on its way to 118.20. From there it should move up to 122.30.

February Crude: I now think the market is headed for 62.00 and then to 64.30. I expect crude to trade in a range of $54 to $64 for several months before going much lower.

February Gold: Gold has reached 520 resistance but the market has bounced off that level several times making successively higher lows. So I think we will go to 530 before dropping back below 500. I think that the 544.90 high will hold for at least several weeks.

March Silver: Silver hit 900 but is still making higher lows. I think this means that the rally will continue to 920 before a break below 800 begins. The high at 934.5 (electronic) will hold for at least several weeks.

Google: GOOG will trade between 415 and 435 for a few days. The next upside target is 490.

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