Monday, May 16, 2005

Idealized Model of Three Peaks and Domed House Posted by Hello


Howard said...

Since you had the three peaks in 2004 between Feb and June, why isn' the domed housed occurring in 2005 the end of whole bull move from 2003-2005?

Howard said...

From your January 5, 2004 forecast:

���These calculations all point to the same general conclusion. The first half of 2004 should be bullish although not as strong as the last 9 months of 2003. A top should develop around 1178 and be followed by a substantial break of 120-180 S&P points and this break will probably end in the fall of 2004. After that low a fast advance lasting 7 to 8 months should culminate at the peak of the domed house and a bull market top around 1340 in 2005.���

After the 3 peaks in 2004, the market bottomed at 1060 in August 2004. 7 months later was the top in March 2005 (domed house). Why are you now saying that the March top was a minor house as opposed to the final domed house for this bull market?
Thanks for replying.