Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tale of the Tape

Today I am introducing a new feature for this blog. It is a list of my shorter term views on a number of stocks I follow. I expect to update these views a couple of times a week or as necessary in reponse to developments.


GOOG: Support at 450. Next upside target is 500.

IBM: Support at 90. Next upside target is 110.

GS: Support at 190. Next upside target is 235.

CME: Support is 525. Next upside target is 630.

MO: Support is at 55. Upside target is 75.


BIDU: Support is at 90. Upside target is 150.

CSCO: Support is at 25. Next upside target is 33.

AAPL: Support is at 88. Next upside target is 108.

MSFT: Support is at 26.50. Next upside target is 33.50.

ICE: Support is at 116. Next upside target is 150.

NYX: Support is at 87. Next upside target is 125.

NMX: Support is at 125. Next upside target is 145.

PFE: Support is 25. Upside target is 30.

AMGN: Resistance is 65. Downside target is 50.

SHLD: Support is at 165. Upside target is 210.

KFT: Support is at 30. Next upside target is 39.

AMZN: Support is at 37. Upside target is 50.

EBAY: Support is at 30. Upside target is 40.

WMT: Support is at 45. Upside target is 55.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, Carl! looking forward for updates.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl...great stuff here. I hope that even as day to day gyrations in the prices of your individual stock list entries bring out the taunting, teasing, and otherwise critical comments.....you do what you always do and just keep posting. :-)



Anonymous said...

Hello. Could you please refresh your thinking on Kraft (KFT) now that the spinoff from Altria has happened?

Arjun Rudra said...

Hello Carl,
Great blog...read it first thing every morning !! Also love the new "tale of the Tape" feature..good luck!!