Monday, December 01, 2008


I just sold my one e-mini unit at 848.25.  I thought the market would make a high volume breakout above 847 but instead we had only moderate volume above the 847 level.  I think that the 830 level will hold and that the market will soon take a step above the 900 level. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

Probably a smart move to dump it, I was stopped out at 842.00 for a 2 point loss. This market can't get out of its own way.


Kindest regards,


pimaCanyon said...

nice exit, Carl. Turned a loser into nearly break-even.

Anonymous said...


I think treasury secretary paulson is jinxing you. Everytime he is on tv, the market sells off!

T.C.B. said...

Hi Mr.F.
How was your holiday?
Currently, due to over extending to the down side, I have shifted my focus to VIX as a measuring stick.
I reckon we will see all time high on VIX before this run is done...