Monday, June 13, 2005

Guesstimates on June 13, 8:25 am ET

S&P: headed for 1224. Support at 1197.

Bonds: market is now headed back to 119-00.

10 Year Notes: 112-20 is support and market should now rally back to 114-00.

Eurocurrency: 120.85 is support. I expect a rally of at least 500 points to start here or at worst from 119.90.

Crude: 54.40 is resistance and next step down should reach 51.00

Gold: now headed for 436.

Google: 277 is support and market should next rally into the 308-312 range


Student_of_the_markets said...

I actually think Crude Oil has good upside potential. Perhaps by early July, I think we will see a new major high above $58.

Student_of_the_markets said...

Sorry... forgot to mention I agree with your view on Gold.

canny said...

Generally agree regarding your view on currencies. I watch with interest from afar.

Student_of_the_markets said...

Crude at $58+ once again.
Looks like that major new high is here. :)