Thursday, June 30, 2005

Guesstimates on June 30, 8:50 am ET

S&P: Still think that a slight break below 1190 is likely but then market will move to new highs for the year.

Bonds: the market should now drop to 117-00 or so.

10 Year Notes: the notes will soon drop at least to 112-26.

Eurocurrency: Support is still 120.60 and the market is on its way to 124.00.

August Crude: nearthe bottom of the box near 56.50 and should now rally to 62.00.

Gold: 436.50 is the 1/2 point of the box and from there the market should moveup to 449.

Google: the next 40 point move will be downward. Support is at 270.

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