Monday, April 30, 2007

Tale of the Tape


GOOG: Support at 465. Next upside target is 495.

IBM: Next upside target is 110.

GS: Support at 198. Next upside target is 235.

CME: Headed down to 495 then up to 630.

MO: Support is at 66. Upside target is 75.


BIDU: Support is at 115. Upside target is 150.

CSCO: Support is at 25. Next upside target is 33.

AAPL: Support is at 92. Next upside target is 108.

MSFT: Support is at 26.50. Next upside target is 33.50.

ICE: Headed down to 116 then up to 150.

NYX: Headed down to 77 then up to 115.

NMX: Headed down to 115.

PFE: Support is 25. Upside target is 30.

AMGN: Resistance is 65. Downside target is 50.

SHLD: Support is at 175. Upside target is 210.

KFT: Support is at 30. Next upside target is 39.

AMZN: Support is at 37. Upside target is 67.

EBAY: Support is at 30. Upside target is 40.

WMT: Support is at 45. Upside target is 55.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you are back!
Take care and good luck.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back. Glad you're doing well