Friday, August 24, 2007

Market Shock !!!

Here is the cover of the latest issue of Fortune magazine. I discussed the latest cover of The Economist here.

There are four important things to note about this cover and the associated story.

First, the cover's colors are the colors of fear, red on black.

Second, Fortune devoted about 40% of the entire issue to the panic story and related items. This is very unusual and reflects what a big impression the events of August in the markets have made upon the public and upon Wall Street.

Third, Fortune's take on these events is essentially : "They had it coming for assuming too much risk and now all of us are suffering".

Finally every subsection of the Fortune story is headed by an interesting graphic: a down arrow on a circular yellow background. Talk about subliminal predictions !!!!

All in all, I think this magazine cover is very persuasive. It convinces me that stock prices will on average be much higher in three months time than they are today.


Anonymous said...

looks like the QQQQ is going to run to $49 or $49.5 before any hitting any significant resistance

Anonymous said...

Every article you post that states downward you say makes a case for much higher prices. Well just like you they eventually will be right.

Anonymous said...

This market will continue to rip higher because of the disbelievers.

Double digit gains by the end of the year.

Matt said...

Hi Carl,

I have been reading your posts for a few months now and wanted to thank you for putting the time posting your views on the markets on this blog.

I know you don't reply to comments but I'll ask anyways :)

Do you base all your market and currency analysis on patterns or being an economics major you also factor in fundamentals?



Anonymous said...

Dearest Carl,

you are the bomb my friend simply dynamite. We will be back up to recent highs and after a short pause we will thrust up to new all time highs exceeding the imaginations of all those people who are too frightened to invest long term in these markets. I am truly glad that this is the case as we all know that the majority are always always wrong. And as your article shows the majority are wrong because they are conditioned to be wrong through manipulation of the media.

Take care and invest for the long term. The quick buck metality that looks for immediate returns in days and weeks are doomed to fail and will fuel the rise of this market as they doubt and sell into the panic and worry stories.

All the best,

Mr Happy

Jack said...


Have you or do you trade the Darvas System. Ie, base brakeouts on Vol and higher highs and higher lows?