Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dull, Dull, Dull

I am surprised by today's low trading activity. But I do know that highs and lows are usually associated with high activity, not with dullness. So I think we are in a consolidation phase which will be resolved to the upside.


pimaCanyon said...

right, the old adage "never short a dull market". Which begs the question: Why did you sell your longs?

Naveedah said...

All learnt from you,believe in what you say...
Whatever happens,its my day and nite work through your blogs,holding longs
50% position of total.
Grateful for your updates and so much help all the time.
While typing,had bot other 1/2 @1090.50 FULLY LOADED!

tempo said...

The problem is that the $50 B stimulus for transportation and expensing of all new capital equipment will be used to purchase goods mfg overseas and imported. No domestic job creation, just more debt. w/o jobs slow death. Now only 58% of the population is employed compared to 62% over the past 40 years. Even during the previous recessions % of population employed never dropped below 62%, Something is VERY wrong and different this time. Corp get stiumlus/tax credits and use the money to mfg goods overseas. It can't continue. Domestic content of all goods consumed in US must be mandated. Yes this will trade a trade war and lower equities. The current policy is insane. Debt means more we export more jobs. Thats the reason the market is in a trading range. Sorry for the rant.

Naveedah said...

Carl Futia Real Time !
I'm so thankful to you for ALL THIS
Of course,it is far more to learn here and so so much for just 1 penny! All Freeeee ..Who gives like this...
Right now,working on trading ranges within trends.Excited!
Won't be posting comments very often,time to learn more and prove to be a good learner.

newbietrader said...

watch the aud/jpy pair

it trades almost tick for tick with the eminies

at no time today did they tell you to go long. and it still isn't

S Mohiuddin said...

Naveedah, Thank you.