Friday, October 07, 2005

Guesstimates on October 7, 9:10 am ET

December S&P Futures: The market dropped past the ½ division point at 1202 yesterday afternoon and so will probably halt this drop near the bottom of the box at 1180. Meantime the rally from yesterday’s low at 1186 should go no further than 1202. Next step up will be to 1268.

December Bonds: I think the August 8 low at 113-09 will be support and that a big move upward into the 121-123 range is about to start.

December 10 Year Notes: I think move up to 116 started From the August 8 low at 109-02. The notes should start moving higher from here.

December Eurocurrency: The market moved a bit above resistance at 121.80 yesterday but I think a drop to 117.50 will now begin. After the next low a rally to 124 is likely.

November Crude: Prices nearly reached 60.60 yesterday but the market shouldn’t rally above 63.00 before it drops below 60.00.

December Gold: Headed for short term resistance at 488. Support is at 466.

Google: 300 is support; upside target is 343.  

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