Monday, August 18, 2008


I just replaced half of Friday's long position in the E-minis. So now I am 100% long from 1293.  I will bag this trade if I see weakness below 1287.

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Anonymous said...

hey carl
not to be bearish but there is a cycle that begins today which has coresponded with prior mkt crashes
in fact there is 3 of them that run 1 after another into the elections , in 2006 we got a strong rally using this cycle .
how ever this yr we got the cycle low a little early yet it was
into the time frame for a bottom if it was going to be .
the next time frame if we are going to just chop around and hold up ( impliiing this is bullish )
would be mostly just slop into the end of the month . im long cause my work says im supposed to be but ill admit there are some indicators that do not confirm today as a bottom .