Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I just put back on my 200% long position at 1276.50.  If I am reading the market correctly we should get a close above 1275 today. 


Anonymous said...

Well done! Looks like the bell has rung...

Win said...

Thanks for posting the trade, Carl. Boy, those Durable good orders were surprisingly good!

TRIN on the Q's (5 MA) is at the highs of the June-July lows. 10 MA is still not at those highs, and may not ever get there. GOOG is getting close to the bottom of your range. AAPL is drifting. The Qs haven't come to this party yet, but I am tempted to go long. That Durable goods report was so good.

Oh, interestingly FXI has been quietly climbing (and thankfully I have been long).

Anonymous said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

you're the man, Carl.

Win said...

The descending trend line from 1313 to 1293 actually seems to meet the SP at or around 1285 today, which has been resistance so far today. I am long, but watching the tape very carefully.

Anonymous said...

hi carl
you may end up correct about a bottom yet that would mean point 12 and were in point 13 now .
yet next week is going to tell the story and technically point 10 was to high . also we had 5 waves down
on the 60 minute chart in 21 bars which would then call for a bounce in 3 waves over the next 7 to 13 hours todays bounce did nothing other then proves were still bearish short term .
1293.09 is the most important level yet should hold for now
next week down again to finish this off . if im wrong im ok with it as i have a bullish bias .
but im also hedged
i dont think this is over to the downside even though i think the july lows are the bottom and the end of the bigger bear move from 2007
good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

I'm wondering how you interpret the very low volume traded today, lowest volume of the year. Apparently the last five trading days have all had very low volumes. What to make of it?



Anonymous said...

Great job Carl,
But where'd all the bashing go? You're getting quite alot of kudos, could this mean a top is in? =)

LowTax said...


Low volume always happens around Labor Day - I think it's the lowest of the year if I remember correctly...