Thursday, July 22, 2010

Revised range estimate: 1078-1097


extrader said...

Agree with revised estimates... market wants to close that gap up there in the 94-95!


Nav said...

Amazed and congrats!

Live long man..We need you so much!
Was holding longs from yesterday 1076,later added 1062 so day is Bright because of YOU!

Nav said...

Europe bank stress tests – looks like the tests will be released after the European close on Fri – the release schedule is unchanged (despite speculation that it may be moved forward) – the tests will hit mid-day in the US on Fri (will make a fun afternoon).
A lot of the morning bounce today was shorts covering; that said, as we head into 11am, there seems to be some real money starting to be put to work (although not a lot – buyers still reluctant to chase). Technicals still dominating - people watching 1100 and then 1110 as important levels (the 200dayMA is 1113). Keep in mind that credit isn’t performing as well as stocks are today (although it didn’t perform as poorly yesterday) - IG is only 1-2bp tigher today. On the tape right now – Geithner and Pelosi are both saying they want to see the Bush tax cuts lapse for higher- income earners (Dem Sen Conrad yesterday said he would like to see the cuts extended for all – there seems to be a rift developing that will most likely play out in the coming weeks re these tax cuts).
I'm proud to read and learn from your blogs.
Live very long, healthy ,happy rich life!

Hail said...

Naveedah, Are you Carl in disguise? I suspect you are Carl Futia himself trying to prop his own (somewhat sagging) popularity.
Please, this is a market oriented serious site -- these comments smack of idolatry and cultism.

tempo said...

Thanks again for you steady hand. I also held positions overnight and sold this morning with a nice profit. The 10 yr Treasury rate was 4% April 1st and now is 2.95%. So the value of the 10 year has jumped 25% in 4 months (near 100% annualized). Looks like a bubble to me. If rates move up, the money will move to equities creating the long awaited rally back to 1300+ IMHO.

Edwin said...


Actions in the past few days give credence to your prediction of 1,140-1,150, especially when China may have found a bottom.

Win said...

Keep it up, Naveedah. I appreciate your comments.

S Mohiuddin: If Naveedah is Carl, and his comments smack of idolatory and cultism, then this is not "a market oriented serious site." How could it be, when the author is resorting to "idolatory and cultism" of himself. I suggest you stay away from this idolatrous (of himself) blogger.

Yash said...

tempo - tresury bubble is not complete yet. bubbles don't get created in just 4 months. it takes time for build up and same is going to happen here.
Naveedah - what do you mean by real buying came in. all block trades are negative ..means money being pulled out. housewifes may be buying. april 26 ..july 26 .. so you feel something similar here.

Nav said...

I do idealise Carl and working day and night to learn from him.Following him 100% made my amazingly successful trading 7 months except 5 bad trades.
As long Carl tolerates me,why to bother for a man like you who is rude and disrespectful.You are evil,too.I wont read your comment in future after seeing your(devil's pic)
By the way, you come to quarrel,I never saw you posting anything useful!
Oh yeah! Carl is doing it for popularity as you are paying him for the blog.World is Wild when ppl like you are there!I was born muslim but never talk to muslim men,better to go infront of hungry lion than to talk to a muslim man!
I WILL stay here,you mind your business!You seem a loser!
Are you jealous that no one paying for your subscription as this free blog doing far more than anyone else at high priced subscription.
God Bless Carl and his Family!
I Respected two men in life..My Papa, and Dr.Carl Futia.I apologise if you sir find anything rude from me!
Good Night Sir!

Anonymous said...

keep it up Naveedah and ignore those comments. jealous people and people getting squeezed in this rally will obviously bring out a nasty comment. just keep doing what you do best :-)

i can see no more bad and nasty remarks made at carl since this rally. the market does its job best and puts everyone in its place in the food chain at the right time. great work carl!


Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog, very impressed. Will read your book next,thanks again for your posts.

Unknown said...


7 months, only 5 bad trades.

Probably even better than Carl.

You are very lucky.

Unknown said...

I like Nave's line :

better go infront of a hungry lion than talk to ...

and remind me of one night my car broke down on highway 101 san jose, ca. sillicon valley.
one car stop by try to help.

I was very surprise.
because it was a very beautiful woman. it was 12 midnight.

a muslim woman. brave. kind. God's angel.