Thursday, September 25, 2008

High Anxiety

I never thought I would see four non-financial, weekly magazines publish Wall Street related covers in the same week.  But here it is. Both Time and Newsweek, the two biggies, as well as The New Yorker and The Weekly Standard have done so this week.

I think this is a very bullish indication for stock prices looking ahead over the next year. 


Anonymous said...

And how about the comment by President Bush? If that's not a buy signal I don't know what is!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

After having listenend to all the testimonies, there's one thing that i can't understand:

If the situation is so dansgerous that the governement needs 700 billions to save the banks, why does Paulson fears that it could be not well recieved among those banks in case Congress 'd pass tough mesure against bank's executives ?

It doesn't make sense!
Or the Banks needs to be saved and they should accept the bail out whatever the congress requirements, or the situation is not as critical.

And why does he ask for full power and to be above any laws in the future ?

If anyone could explain ?

Howard Bernstein said...

Cash levels highest in 25 years