Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today's Headlines

Here are today's front pages of the New York Times and Chicago Tribune.  The stock market and credit crisis have become the primary focus of great public attention.  The next big move from current levels will be upward and a new bull market is imminent.


http://fredwilhelmus.googlepages.com/crossover said...

Hi Carl,yesterday in my comment to you I told you if there was no Crossover in my method I am with you. Well there was no Crossover -see pic. Man oh man...what a game.

kleenup2 said...

I've been noticing your calls and positioning and they are beginning to appear quite arbitrary Carl. I hope you are not letting your detractors get under your skin. Nothing about the market, the economy, the political landscape, leadership, confidence, price action, etc. indicates higher prices. Whenever the money managers, hedge funds, etc. are liquidating with both fists it would behoove you to do the same. There will be no V shaped recovery. As I stated yesterday the trend is your friend...trading counter trend means that you have to get the right price, right direction all at the right time. Many of your reversal calls have ultimately been correct but you get stopped out because either your timing, price, or direction have been off. Trading with the trend makes even an idiot seem like a genius which is why you have so many detractors as of late. In down trending markets sell the rallies...buy dips in up trends.
As always I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Carl. As much as I think the magazine covers express sentiment, how can you base a conclusion on them. I rely on elliotwave and can't see a "DA BOTTOM" anytime soon. I see an IT term low approaching soon which could lead to a multi month counter-trend rally but the ultimate bottom may be a ways off still. Will you post more technical charts as opposed to magazine covers so we can have a truly objective and technical discussion instead of psyco-analysis. BTW your readers might be interested in checking out Tony Calderow's OBJECTIVE ELLIOTWAVE website. Just google it. He drew a map back in January for 2008-2009 and it is Dead on Track unbelievably! So check it out and see what you think. I can't really argue about a method that can be that accurate for so long but I continue to always be open to other ideas.

Best of Luck

matt Stajan