Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dow on Sale - 50% off

Here are today's front pages from the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. This is the first time since the January 6, 2009 top at 942 that these papers have had a stock market headline. Headlines like these almost always appear within a couple of days of an important stock market low.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Dow up 80 points---

DOW 4000--now who would have thunk it

Eden said...

I agree. It definitely seems like the negativity is reaching a peak.

If we get anything positive out of lil' Timmy Geithner this morning we should be off and running for a nice rally.

DL said...

The Chicago Tribune needs a new editor. If i'm not mistaken, shouldn't that headline read 2007 and not 1997!

Di said...

If 50% are going to go bankrupt, then the price is ok.