Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Here is an hourly chart of the Nasdaq 100 Trust tracking stock (QQQQ).

The picture here is not quite as bullish as the picture in the S&P. Today's opening bar was a wide range bar with a close in the lower part of the bar. This indicates longer time frame trader selling. But the next (as yet incomplete) bar hints that there has been no follow through selling and this hint is empasized by the fact that today's early reaction stopped exactly on support at yesterday's high. This tells me that the buyers during the past hour or so are also longer time frame traders and that they are getting impatient because they are buying above yesterday's range.

All in all the picture here I think is a bullish one. I expect the QQQQ to rally to 44.70 over the next week or two. During the first quarter of 2007 I think we shall see a print in the 47-48 range.


Cuccaa said...

Thank you for posting on the Qs, I havn't seen you say much about them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your shift to the etf's.If the QQQQ trades to 47-48, then there will be a moment in time when the QID and QQQQ will trade at the same price.Your observation about the momentum high occuring the day before Thanksgiving is playing out clearly.In the past you have commented on the relative strength of various stocks and indexes;would appreciate any thoughts you may have in the light of box theory on the SMH and targets.