Friday, January 12, 2007

NYMEX Holdings

Here is a daily chart of NYMEX holdings which had its IPO in November 2006. This is my first comment on this stock.

The principal market of the NYMEX are energy and metals. Both these commodities I think are in for rough sailing over the next year and so it is no surprise that NMX is acting worse that the other "exchange" stocks. Morover, it has always been my view that the New York commodity exchanges were too firmly in the grip of their short sighted, floor trading members and consequently were slow to join the move to electronic trading.

For these reasons I think NMX can rally to 135 but I think it is in the middle of a bear swing which will eventually carry it below 100.


Anonymous said...

Simply awesome! Been waiting for some individuals. ty

Love this, keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Carl, do you think we will get any real type of correction on the QQQQ's before your target of $47 - $48? ty