Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long one unit at 999.50


Larry Primas said...


It look as though you have again called the low for the day to almost the tick.

Great job!


Jim said...


Is this 994 price action tempting enough to add on?

F&H Painting said...


How do you know the low of the day at 10:09????

Larry Primas said...

F&H Painting,

I didn't. However, when I made the comment it appeared to me that today would be a replay of yesterday. Carl guesstimated that the day's range would be 998-1012. Yesterday's low was 998.25.

I could have posted a note stating that although the low for the day was accurate, the call for 1012 was incorrect because the market only traded to 1007.75 but I chose not to.

Please note that Carl's daily ranges are quite accurate. No one is perfect nor would I ever expect a "guesstimate" to be 100% accurate.

I was merely attempting to give credit where credit is due. No more, no less.

Best Regards,