Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If you'd' like to learn how I interpret market action in real time here's your chance.

In my seminar I give all the details of my thinking about trends, range estimates, etc. in enough detail so you can learn to do it for yourself. And you will see how I translate these calculations into actual trades in the S&P e-minis.

The seminar began on September 7 and in the little more than two short weeks since then I have answered more than 220 questions about my trades and trading technique. And this is in addition to the 87 posts I have written. Plus, my actual trades during that time have put a $15 K account up 9%.

Here are some comments from seminar members:

saruetx said...

Carl, I subscribed for a month to see if watching over your shoulder would be worthwhile. I’ve learned quite a bit in just a week, I really appreciate your thought out professional approach to the market. Thanks for being willing to host this blog, especially at such an economical price! I’ll pick a longer term at renewal time.

turtle said...

Carl, Thank you very much for a very unique and astute analysis of the market. As a professional trader for the last 30 years I am in awe of how good your calls are. I would highly recommend people sign up for your trading seminar.

P.S I have no relation or any other financial connection to Carl !

lbjgb said...

Carl, I’ve been following and am so grateful for your analysis. I knew nothing about estimating ranges or how to estimate a target for a pullback based on previous moves off reaction highs and lows. Thank you!

Check out Carl Futia's Real Time Trading Seminar.

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Mike F. said...

Your ESZ0 60 min chart from 9-20-10 showing a bounce off resistance and two potential support bounces inside a channel has played out as predicted. Your chart helped give me the confidence to stick with my plan and it has done me well.