Friday, September 10, 2010


I have decided to move all of my trades to my paid site.

I will however continue all other posts on this one. And I will continue to post the running record of trade results here also.


Kelly Blaine said...

Excellent idea Carl, I wish you all the best.

roguewave said... made my day...

..the truth will set you free...

....too late the genie is out

Carl Futia said...


I admire your persistence. But you are still a looser in the markets and in life.

dcatlowpj said...

Good luck, Carl. Get ready for some real fun.

EricH said...

Let me know if you have more than 3 clients.

Carl Futia said...


Sorry to disappoint you, Eric, but I have many more than three. You see, some people can distinguish gold from dross. You should try to pick up that skill too.

By the way, the fact that you live with failure shows in your comments.

kcounty said...

Carl - so you will still post your guesstimates, forecast, and general descriptions (all of which i read (and re-read) thoroughly) here?

Again, if you could TWEET your updates and you see major changes, i would be forever gratefull and since there is no advertising on this site it should not be too costly?


Laurence said...

A good trader would earn peanuts on subscriptions compared to trading profits

Carl Futia said...


If you are a good trader and find a $100 bill on the sidewalk, do you bend over to pick it up?

Apparently you yourself don't. After all, you are such a good trader that free money holds no attraction for you.

Terrific. Good for you!

All that's happening on my paid site is that I am writing down the thoughts I have about the market instead of keeping them to myself as I generally do on this free site.

So my paid site doesn't cost me any extra effort (I type fast even as I think fast) beyond what I already exert. Plus I love to explain and teach, and I'm good at it.

If I were you I would reexamine my premises.

Boo said...

Carl, please don't give these morons any sense of merit by posting their drivel. I wish you all the best in your endeavours and look forward to continued superlative commentary on the markets on this blog.
Cheers and all the best.

Carl Fredrik said...

This is a great site. One comment though, well, to more than one in this thread - learn to control your emotions. To be honest does anyone in this thread behave like trader? If someone tells you to F*** off your reaction as a trader should be asbolutely non existing. Anyone that charges money for his site should master this (good system or not).

Urban Carmel said...

I think this is a steal. If you can't cover a $25 expense, what are you doing here at all? I'll subscribe.

extrader said...

Looks like the market may want to head down lower here in the final hrs of trading.... rejected off the highs and now is sitting just above 1103.50 VAH... if it moves below this number, look for a late day selloff!

i am gonna try out ur pay site next week, give a month or so and see whats it all about!


siricor said...

Some nice responses from Carl.. great to see.. Although, I don't think it is necessary to respond to the foolishness some are posting, I like it!! I will be there as soon as I get a chance to get the wordpress stuff organized.. hopefully this weekend..

Anonymous said...

An account with long positions can be reduced to BS within a matter of 2 minutes.

It is a lot safer to trade only on the short side, whenever the opportunity is there. Meanwhile, just leave it to HFT computers to ramp it up.

Edwin said...

I would not be so bearish as Kishore. Having said that, Weekly $NYSI chart with a RSI setting 5 and Full Stoch setting of 5,3,3 is still have the market on a SELL.

Buyers are on strike. From a supply/demand standpoint, Wall Street needs to mark down the current price to create demand.

I bought TLT today. It is having a reaction to its recent run-up. Closed the gap, daily Doji and sitting right above 50 days SMA. Looks like bond bull market may continue.

Kishore..would you share your walk with us? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Edwin, I just refuse to play the long side because of the risks involved and the current manipulations for the up side.

The name of the game is minimization of risk.

Nav said...

Hi Kishore!
It has been always a pleasure to have you on this site as you are kind to share your insight for the mkt.
But you are distracted by my enemy..and its not" YOU "so Carl gives his views and you share yours and keep obliging readers including me,please!
I respect you,Kishore ... look forward to read your valuable comments(when convenient to you).
For "others",I would like to tell that every one had a positive week in trades and it was a pleasure and honour to trade w/Carl.
We are quite many traders there,I couldn't count all those names as I was in my trades.
We all are extremely thankful to Carl to be a part of his new venture.

Jack said...

Just my 2 cents....

If you think Carl's advice has value/merit then its worth the price. If Not, then you've made your decision.

It's no more complicated than that.

But time to stop the personal attacks. Carl has given his trading advice freely. (right and wrong)