Thursday, September 09, 2010


Judging from the comments there are a lot of people who think the only reason to subscribe to CarlFutiaRealTime is to get trading signals.

But, at I explicitly warn prospective subscribers NOT to follow the trades they see. I am publishing the seminar as a real time LEARNING experience, not as a futures tip sheet where people can hope to get something for almost nothing.

So the real question is not whether you can make enough money on the trades I publish there. I think you shouldn't follow those trades at all, so that amount must be $0.00.

Instead the question you have to answer is whether or not you think you might learn something that would be worth the subscription price and your reading time.

If you are already an expert trader the answer would probably be no.

But for everyone else (surely the vast majority of this blog's thousands of readers) the answer should be a resounding YES!


TAE said...

I do not know why you had to emphasize this, but you did have to, as it was obvious many posters were thinking the RealTime is a trading guidance service.

It was obvious to me what this blog is about, what your other blogs are about, but amazingly people do not read what is in front of them and digest it correctly and know what they are and aren't getting into.

I guess that is why they loose so much trading. But this is OK since I need counterparties to trade with.

Nav said...

You know ,Sir the thanks you are getting "Carl Futia Real Time "then
be clear you are favouring us w/your teachings.I promise to be a great trader w/your teachings..I did take fantastic trades w/the help of your blogs.I posted on Tweet Deck and got praises from different big traders,too.

roguewave said...

Carl...what is going on with your track record?...last I see is June and I cannot remember the last time you had a winner....guessing the normal expected range at 830 am everyday after the boobex certainly attracts those who are novices but it ain't winning now is it? said it yourself...the crowd has little experience and is easily duped into thinking calling a range makes a difference...well if it made a difference then why do you not step up to the plate and swing for the fences at every low since you are a bool? Have not seen it done which is why an experienced player like dcat and others will not bite. Go ahead and delete or throw a fit...makes no difference not everyone here are sheep.

Hail said...

Now that you have a subscription to Carl Futia Real time, would you be kind enough to keep your glorious postings to "Carl Futia Real Time".
Alternatively, I can suggest you to build a online shrine for the "King" Carl Futia, where you can post a glory filled post every minute.

Carl Futia said...


And yet you keep coming back!

Unknown said...

could you copy and paste yesterday's real time blog in here to show what is included
regards, Tim

sandy allred said...

What the hell is all this bickering supposed to be accomplishing? If you can't say anything good, stay silent.

Anonymous said...

Mohiuddin, she just tries very hard to impress but means no harm.

As we all know, god worshipers invent their own god.

It takes balls, not brains, to be a blind follower.

Carl, I love this site. And you are a great man, whether or not you censor my postings.

Anonymous said...

Today's gap up is already filled. It being a third gap up, since the rally started, is probably an exhaustion gap. The rally that started last week may terminate prematurely. A failed rally is very bearish.

Michael said...

I find discussing trades more interesting than discussing 25$ investments, which is not worth my time. So what is happening with the ES? Is this just a little fear on the way up or more serious bearish sign?

roguewave said... real substance just more information provided to strengthen your case vs mine...just snide remarks and you wonder why you generate 60 plus posts in a squabble over charging peanuts?..

Carl if I was into birding...I'd be at the birding chats forums and groups...warts and it is entertainment amounst like minded people....same with guns gardening or gaming...if you are a carpenter you do not hangout with is boring so traders hang with traders and after time threads and personalities develope...which is the entertainment part...i have been in other chats groups and forums and have never tried to make a nickel off another persons trades but I will say your recent stop outs have been some of the best long entries under any circumstances except that you do not post in advance...if you wanted accountability(which you don't) would place trades well in advance like this...Long at 94...stop 90...1st target 98 etc...but you don' sit for hours and hours on a marginal midday entry...then if it swoops down..after the fact you claim your stop....if it works you win...if it does not you claim a stop...Who's to know really whether you have anything riding at all? I would forget the live idea...people will see the chubby Emperor with no clothes on. Yikes!

PS...that there this AM was the pop mentioned last all the "to da moon" folks are pullin up their broker platform at work making the boss think they are doing their job when in fact they are shufflin off their poor bets...sam ol sam ol

extrader said...


Im not you and do whatever u like, but it seems like a lot of people want to join ur pay site, but they are skeptical about the $25 fee... but if i was offering this to the public... i would prolly do like a 3day free trial just so people see what u are actually doing... if its something special ur doing and people like it... the word will spread really fast... and u will have thousands of students, including myself!


Edwin said...

I bailed my long positions held since Sept 1st and gone short...

1. we dropped back in the previous Darvas box. Not supposed to happen.

2. On the SPX daily chart, we has registered a bearish FULL STOCHASTIC cross.

3. FXE failed.

4. Financials supposed to lead the Market....but take a look at Visa.

R N said...

I do not see any evidence for either bullish or bearish stance.
From my perspective, there are two possibilities.
(1) trading range between 1025/1050 to 1125
(2)Formation of a triangle - upper line connecting the tops from April last week and Aug first week and the bottom line connecting the bottoms from Jul last week and Aug last week

Higher lows are not adequate to turn bullish.

Until I see evidence of resolution out of these two alternatives, I will consider the market to be in a trading range.


roguewave said... better clarify..where you were stopped out were good entries for longs..almost the dayz low in some cases...then whoosh up holdin nothing...yes i kno it happens but...the midday entries were horrible and normaly are...early in the day early in the week early in the today...sam ol sam range BO then retest lunch....just like Tues and yest was reciprocal of Tues and range is where the volume stacks and leads to s/r.....midday is choke city unless you wisely use am volume to lean against...this permabool fixation has little to do with intraday patterns of behavior....oh sure rises and runs do benefit but overall the millions of contracts traded have an agenda of their own and it ain't "to da moon" only

Carl Futia said...


The amount of negativity you generate astounds me.

I haven't ever seen you post a useful trading idea in real time.You seem exclusively an an expert at trading with 20-20 hindsight.

Of course there are volume patterns during the day. But you claim that trades should only be made early and late. "Millions of contracts have their own agenda!" What BS!

You note that my stop outs were in retrospect good long side opportunities. Are you saying you waited for the point where I sold to get long? Both times?

Again, more BS.

I not impressed by a big mouth that only seems expert in trading the past.

Carl Futia said...

Apparently my response to rogue enraged him. I just had to delete two comments from him filled with vituperation - the mildest phrase of which was "you ignorant fool".

Guess I touched a sore spot!

RobbyES said...

Carl, Now that you have your real-time service launched, at a very modest cost, why do you wish to provide your insight for anonymous trolls who obviously refuse to pay because they then wouldn't be anonymous?

Carl Futia said...


That's a good question. The honest answer is that this blog gives me visibility that a paid blog does not. It helps to build my brand, as marketing people like to say.

As others have pointed out, the price of $0.00 attracts a lot more eyeballs than, say, a price of $5 per year would.

Carl Futia said...

Just deleted another missive from rogue in which I am called a "a liar and a fool".

How long do you think it will take him to figure out I always get the last word on my blog?

Carl Futia said...


You do make a good point. If you pay me you have to give me your e-mail address. Poof! goes your anonymity.

Carl Futia said...

According to rogue's latest comment I am a "liar and a child".

I am apparently dealing with a very slow learner.

Yobaby said...


I'm been trading 26 years and have done well by any measure. I enjoy your website and the education you provided over the last few years to those who care to learn and not be spoonfed .

There are as many methods to trading the markets as there are opinions- why you toterate the the simpletons who would rather insult & throw cheap comments are bound to lose in trading and continue to be fodder to successful traders as yourself. I will follow you anytime!

admin said...

Subscribed! More than happy to subscribe to learn from a great trader.

admin said...

Carl, don't be distracted, Stay FOCUSED...on the right things, on positive things. There are many of us here who are serious about learning. Please, do not waste any more time on ingrates and kiddos. Let's get down to serious business.