Tuesday, September 07, 2010

sold longs at 1091.00


Nav said...

Holding last longs from 1092.50..
I'm holding for tomorrow,safe to me!
Do contrary traders trade over long time span?Because I do when fall in the mkt is without genuine reason.
See what tomorrow holds for me!!

Unknown said...

Hi Neveedah,

I woluld not say, that we did not have any reason for a bit of weakness later in the day.
Reson being is that Europe showed some wekaness in the morning, strikes in France and in the UK, and some issues with European bank stress tests resurfaced....

Our Daily prediction now point to a potentially bit weaker open and early morning session and a probable reversal to the upside later in the day.
But our wekkly predicton is massively Bullish.

Joe Papczun

Adam Smith said...

What you mean is distribution, not concentration don't you?