Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This Blog will continue as it is

Since I have started my real time trading seminar some of you may be wondering whether whether I will still be blogging here. The answer is YES. I do not anticipate making changes here.

But even if you are a longer time frame trader I think you would benefit enormously from what I am teaching at my seminar!


Nav said...
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extrader said...


I am not yet a member at ur paid service, but was wondering if you can give us some feed back on this site about ur paid service... Meaning how was ur trading day yesterday going live or if you can give some samples of what took place yesterday with ur new site!


Carl Futia said...


Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you are not willing to risk $25 on me how can you be trading the ES? I risk thousands of dollars on each of my own trades.

dcatlowpj said...

Carl, I have paid before and was dissatisfied with the results (On the ER)....anyway, $25 is not a lot but it is a lunch out or a tank of gas in most people's minds...and it is significant after all as I would not flutter away a $20 bill out of a car window, would you?

If $25 is not significant, then why charge so little for this service?

dcatlowpj said...

That last statement does not say it all and let me be direct with you (I would not post this one, Carl, unless you feel it is fair to do so): you are not trading all of your better trades here. My guess is that you are displaying just a trade out of MANY that you do per day and this part is not clear to the readers of this blog...therefore, the better answer to the reader asking about your results from the new service relates to his concerns that he will flutter away another $25 with a trader who seemingly is not doing all that well...your last three months have been TOUGH but then again so has the market. It is really hard to call a direction and have any conviction.

Anonymous said...

Carl, the money you risk on trading is for your own benefit.

To me, $ 25 is inconsequential but, in the long run, how can following you, or anyone else, make us a better trader?

Even the legendary trader Jesse Livermore shot himself, broke. However, his quotes, nuggets of wisdom, still live.

Carl Futia said...


I am amazed by your remark.

My seminar is intended as a teaching vehicle. Since you already know all there is to know on the subject of trading I can see why you think even $25 is a waste of money.

But to come back to me and say that if my stuff was any good I would be charging more demonstrates incredible arrogance on your part. I take it that if I were charging $250 per month you would rush to sign up!

Don'be a jerk.

extrader said...


$25 is not a risk at all... in fact that is very cheap compared to other trading rooms/sites.... i guess i just wanted to see a glimpse of what ur seminar was all about! You make a valid point...

Nav said...

No wonder..Why people like me believed in Carl yesterday,kept holding longs and now going ALL GREEN!
earned massive profits,joined on invitation w/Trade With Mojo..Great man and great trader ,paid subscription 275$/pm.but Learnt all from Dr.Carl through blogs all freeeee!
From December--till now,Amazingly
successful trades..ALL LEARNT FROM HERE!
I am Naveedah.

Carl Futia said...

I find many of these remarks just incredible.

First, let me point out that this blog is free. Even so, I have commented and attempted to forecast market swings every day for more than 5 and 1/2 years.I have explained how I try to think about markets in every one of the thousands of post that are archived here.

These commenters keep coming back to this blog so I must be doing something right.Frankly, I think that anyone who visits this blog on a regular basis must believe it is worth his or her time to do so. I conclude that I am adding value to their trading activity (if any). And they have been getting this added value for free.

But if you think I put all that I know about markets out here on this blog you are very sadly mistaken. On my new real time seminar I go out of my way to explain my thinking in a way that I never do here. This by itself would justify a fee of $250 per month, not $25.

But the problem is that there is mostly junk out there that people charge for, so I can't charge nearly what my seminar is worth until my reputation spreads.

And if you think that the only reason to read a trading blog is to follow the trades you are doubly deluded.

I myself rarely read trading blogs because I find they don't help me. But when I do I am interested in the learning author' analytical techniques because that is what can be of permanent value to me.

Edwin said...


Carl clearly delineates the SCOPE and purpose of his seminar for the prospective pupils. Also, he clearly states that the tuition is non refundable. So you adults (I hope)can either choose to buy or pass it up.

Livermore had serious mental, and emotion issues which ultimately ruined him... By the way, Carl has NOT advertised to teach emotion control.

Carl. You have a noble intention and I admire you for it.

Lets go to work.

Oldeee said...

Thanks Carl. Keep up the great work!

Nav said...

Time to charge and find VALUE!
If you don't charge,your reputation will not spread rather free blog invites readers w/silly criticism,

A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity.
Baltasar Gracian
I am new,saw on Tweet Deck..rivalry!

Paid Readers will have option to leave like all others traders offering subscriptios do but not to criticise!
STRAIGHT..MIND OR GET OUT!<<same like Community school and private school!Who likes sending kids to Free Schools...
51/2 yrs..long time,you did different,responds..Who gives free,Sir!PLEASE!

Edwin said...

My final words on this.

The chances are, you visit this Blog often because you think Carl has an EDGE in trading and wanted to learn from him.

If you come here hoping to see Carl was wrong in his trades, you are very mentally sick. Why? When were you perfect consistently?

Please be nice and stop harassing Carl. Be constructive.

pimaCanyon said...


I know you know this, but the whiners and naysayers are usually a very small percentage of blog readers. Ignoring them is usually the best response (but something I myself am not always able to do :-)

I wish you all the best in you new venture!

Nav said...
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dcatlowpj said...

Well, Carl, I think that you misread the intention of my remarks. No, I would not pay $250 and anyone who trades for a living would never pay that much. But, $25 is so little that it begs the question: what is it that will be taught there. Yes, I visit this site often but still wonder HOW Carl does it and if the daily seminars explain the methods in better detail then we are talking "bargain basement" fees for a great service. My guess is that it will continue to be about the same: not much detail, blown trades and in the end a source for ranges and that is about it. So, I ask this question: WHAT are you going to teach in your seminar? If it will be name-calling, then you are a better candidate for the words you use on others than anyone else here. Show some guts, Carl, and do not name call as it is belittling of yourself, not the one you describe with such distaste.

Carl Futia said...

Well, dcat, I guess you chose not to take my advice.

Nav said...


TMG2010 said...

Any person who is willing to take the time to share their opinions on the market should be admired, appreciated and given the tip of the hat. It takes much time and effort to maintain a website and share. Anyone who does this I appreciate it. I visit Carl's site everyday just to see his expertise. I visit about 10 sites a day, take in what I see on these sites and do MY OWN due diligence and make my own decisions. I have been trading for 22 yrs and full time for 15 yrs. No one will ever be right even 80% over a yr or more. Bashing someone, anyone for sharing is just NOT right.

Carl I wish you the very BEST in your new site. I do admire you desire to help. Take Carl's expertise and DO YOUR OWN due diligence, you are responsible for your own trading. Carl never has advised anyone to make a trade. He reports what he sees. Again I admire someone like this.

Regards to All!

Edwin said...

Let me introduce some positive energy herein.

The COMFORTABLE thing for me (most traders) to do at the end last Friday would have been selling and taking profit on my long positions. I did not because I would never see any bigger profit if I could not sit tight.

Instead, I held and actually added to my positions toward the end of yesterday when I saw positive divergence in the 5 minute chart.

I do uncomfortable things for bigger gain. This is about emotion controls (learning from William Eckhardt).

Just for fun...What would Mr. Partridge and Livermore (at his prime mentally) do now?

roguewave said...

Carl can't fix your problems in trading...but he can provide trix and toolz ....the rest is still up to you and your own nervous system...example..

Summer '97 by accident received someone else's mail with a copy of Trader's World which I borrowed/stole and returned the mail.....full page ad from Bill Williams led to me buying his book...bought 1st ever computer which had to learn...set up CQG by sat dish which I had to learn...set up broker which I had to learn...all set up by Thanksgiving...first day trading 12/22/97 right smack in front of Christmas...was trading large Spoo all by phone i-net brokering yet...sold 1.." this is easy".....sold 2...was up $1500 max at one point...could not get out...was too greedy and did not want to call broker and be "WRONG" in the face of another human being...ended up losing $1100 that day finally calling broker to lose in pain but early was not willing to call to capture win because what if it tanked tanked tanked and I would look like an idiot to the broker..ALL MIND GAMES to be overcome..........then lost 11 of first 12 trades...retrenched to learn more...never quit..still at it...learned alot from Williams and many others but the trades are mine and anyone paying for trading advice should regard it as education and no more........if people would only do the work.....but no!..... silver spoon on a silver platter is the desire ...the truth is too painful to deal with for most... the pain of risk taking....we should be satisfied knowing that we did our best with what we had at that time and then keep moving forward always developing our nervous system...........less is more.....go with do not need all data as it is an impediment which clouds judgement.....snap judgements...and hunches are power........and gut is real coming from gathered experiences......unconscious can be cultivated.....decisions can be trusted without all facts......

"When it comes down to it, you have only your intuition to guide your actions. And you won't know the outcome until you act." - Thomas Ulrich


.........this is the stuff to work on not the garbage that is so often promoted as the Holy are the Holy Grail!

tempo said...

This trading site is one of the best I have seen but these comments are silly. We can all learn from an experienced trader that knows how to communicate. I am willing to learn.

spycharter said...

If Carl's service nets you one ES point per month then the service pays for itself.

Nav said...

people w/silly remarks to disturb others are normally LOSERS!

We are highly benefitted here..went long 1089--sold and shorted 1102.50,

Kelly Blaine said...

To All,

Having personally ran a successful stock website for 10 years I know the people who scream the loudest are the ones who will NEVER be a succesful trader. Why ? Because a trader cannot be emotional about trades and if someone is emotional about parting with a lousy 25 bucks, then they simply don't have a chance in this competition. Carl has EVERYTHING to lose by going live....why do it ? Because as he said, he is challenging himself to go to the next level...KAPEESH !
I personally applaud Carl for challenging himself, his track record and allowing us to 'peek' over his shoulder. There are incredibly few people who can actually CUT their losses, and Carl is one of the very least, this is something to sign up for !

Edwin said...

Naveedah and folks...I hope you position trade besides "in/out quick trading".

Check out William Eckhardt's "the call of counter-trend". It is a significant instinctive/emotional impediment that makes traders missed and get caught by BIG BIG EMERGENT TREND.

extrader said...


if ur that good to pick the bottom at 1089 and the top at 1102.50, why are u even visiting this blog or joining Carl's paid services?

i mean if i was that good i would be golfing right about now!


Edwin said...

It takes tremendous fortitude for Carl to take on his new challenge.

Hip Hip Hooray.

extrader said...

From my experience the markets are not that hard to figure out... lot of patterns repeat themselves every day... i think if u understand the markets and take the risk to get in a trade and know ur exits, 90% of it is emotional and nobody can teach you that not even Carl!

What most traders do is get in a bad trade take a loss then are scared to get back in because of FEAR they will be wrong... but if you understand the market and follow each day the patterns repeat themselves and have guts to take every trade that sets up... u should be okay!

I think if you already make money in the markets, Carl's site will help you learn an extra tool and maybe it in ahead of the next turn or hold longer.... it sounds like his site will be a great add on for people who have knowledge in the markets!


roguewave said... indeed.... with 20/20 posts like that all the time...heck I'd pay $25 just to see if she might have balls under her skirt!

dcatlowpj said...

I visit Carl's site for one reason only: to compare his range calls to the ones that I got looking at my charts and other sites as more often than not, the other bloggers, and the Charts themselves speak loudly as to turning points and ranges. Carl's 1107 target was rather obvious this morning...though not achieved YET.

My trading partner and I DO visit Carl's site daily and sometimes wonder why he is not net long and holding rather than getting out so quickly. This leads us BOTH to conjecture that Carl trades WAY more than what he posts here in his blog.

IF I were to log in and pay the $25, what am I getting for my money. In my case, I trade from the road using a Verizon broadband 3G signal using a laptop and one or two screens. I have been concentrating lately on Naked put selling and trading my Bond portfolio. I retired at 38 years old and lost and made a fortune selling in the 90's. Yes, I would love to learn more from Carl but if I were to log in, then I cannot open my PFG protrader platform as my bandwidth does not support it.

Again, I will say that $25 is cheap cheap cheap but only if we get DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS. I will log in maybe if I can live without my platform for a while. I have some trades on right now and I need to get in each morning.

Anyway, no matter what, Carl's reaction to my rather modest comments earlier show me a man that I am not sure I can learn from.

Do you have the guts to post this one, Carl.

Nav said...

Yes I mentioned my trades yesterday,
so "IF" doesn't come.
I learnt all from Dr.Carl,DOING GREAT TOO and learning from him as he is my ultimate source .I believe in him and as said before as long Carl doesn't shut me..I 'll take wisdom,knowledge and strength to face turmoil and volatile
I mentioned to sell and short on
"Carl Futia Real Time "
Every one selling guess Estimates for $50..what is Carl doing??here I disagree w/Carl!
I am not Carl but working hard to be a very successful trader!

extrader said...

i admit i have been a frequent visitor on Carl's blog, but if you notice, Carl is not AFRAID to take the next trade that sets up, even if he loses on a trade -5pts on ES, he will take the trade that sets up for him.... where as a newbie or not a seasoned trader, will be AFRAID to take the next setup and will pass it up, and then he could have made back his loss.... beleive me, ive been there done that myself!

after reading Carl's pay site, i think its a great seminar to learn from another successful trader... maybe you can use what works for you, and then use Carl's ideas to compliment your trading!

but in the end, remember one thing, unless u plan to piggy back Carl's trades, ur emotions are what count the MOST in trading... u can have all the knowledge, but if ur afraid to take the next setup... u will just not make it in this business!


TAE said...

Carl, Thanks for everything on this blog and I hope to be the first to subscribe to your real time blog. As for the price, I think $25 is a steal.

While you say that you make trades that are not posted here, I do think what you post here (ranges, support/resistance, trades and explanations) of itself and in its entirety are the basis of day trading system that is very wise, very consistent and conservative. I can understand why you would do it this way - to teach trading ideas while still keeping your higher risk trading closer to your vest - so as to not help in the eventual ruin of the naive out here on the Internet.

Bravo for finding trying to find the right balance, it is the right thing to do, even if we are all responsible for ourselves.

And to decat,

As for the cost of lunch or gasoline, these things should not enter your trading. Financially, trading is done to increase the return on an investment portfolio, which should be larger and diversified. To what degree many people will debate. But it "ain't" milk money, gas money, bridge tolls, tuition or your mortgage.

Carl Futia said...


your bragging and pontificating is truly tiresome. I was about to delete your post because of its final challenge but decided to give you one last chance.

Start posting about the market instead of about me.

extrader said...


I just wanted to say i think ur a great trader and good luck in ur pay site... im sure i will be a member soon!

All the best... ex

extrader said...

I dont know if i can post here... but wanted to say that 1096 for me is VAH and 1092 is VAL... something to watch for on this move down.... need to hold 1096 to get moving higher!


TAE said...

Wow decat,

Your second post today you caution Carl not to post it since you you call him a bad trader. (He posted it.) In your next post you offer no such caution yet go on in even greater detail to call him a bad trader and bad blogger, and call him gutless since he will not explain what the subscription service will be like (did you read the website?) In this last post you say your comments were modest.

Carl was modest, he was polite - he called you an arrogant jerk. He is right. You should be able to see that. You were not modest. I have some honest descriptors for you, but I will be modest here too.

I have met people like you in real life; I stay away. I will not be reading your entries anymore, even though you are a better trader than I (you are as good or better than Carl) mostly because you DO NOT CONTRIBUTE A THING.

Edwin said...

DC ...By posted your post..Carl had you blown away!

I know who is a bigger man

dcatlowpj said...

Carl, what is wrong with posting your training seminar primary mission. For example, "in my seminars, I will:

1. Teach you to understand my "range boxes."

2. Determine a day's trading ranges for the ES. How I determine those ranges.

3. Money Management, and scaling.


This is what I am asking you for. This is not too much to ask. I do not understand why you feel I was being nasty earlier about the $25. I agreed this is cheap but for SOME people, such as the guy who simply asked, "how did it go?" the $25 a day might be meaningful.

You are not prepared to handle this job. I say this because if you were the MAN as they say, then you would simply answer the question: "Yesterday I was down 16 ticks" or if you were up then post it and how many trades and what was taught to the attendees.

Good luck. I think you are not mentally prepared for this seminar room style of trading. You are much too reactive to criticism. Wait until you blow several trades in a row in your room. And, you will blow them big time as those are the odds. Wait for the explosion of questions then when that happens. I am telling you, you need to grow some skin.

Unknown said...

Carl, good luck with your venture. Ignore these guys. Anyone who gets that upset must be losing money.

Carl Futia said...


My goodness. Did you even bother to go to and inform yourself about what I am offering?

Judging from your last comment you didn't.

Speaking for myself, I wouldn't pass up the chance to spend $25 to watch someone trade and explain what he or she sees in the market's action that prompts the trade.

Even one good hint repays a $25 investment thousands of times over. So your ranting about how you need to know more (over and above the description at just leaves me cold.

extrader said...


if ur a trader by profession and know how to make money, why dont u just use Carl's pay site as another tool to ur trading style... u dont have to take his trades in realtime, u may learn something new or maybe a filter to get in at a better price or not exit... i dont think the intention should be to piggy back his trades, it should be a learning tool!


Brett Barrett said...


You truly put a bad reputation for us Traders that value Carls blog. I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped the blog due to a-holes such as yourself. Your spending way more then 25 dollars of your time trying to save 25 dollars, a penny holding up a dollar bill. Whats your time worth? Obviously not that much? Sign up for the course and evaluate if its for you or not its that simple. Carl's not trying to be your baby sitter, you sit with him and watch and learn or you dont. Plain and simple.

BTW Carl, long time reader but and not a commenter but this angered me greatly to see the few of you beat him up over 25 dollars. Get a life people.

Also, I've found your blog after your article The Truth About Trading and was amazed by how close it was to the same conclusion I had about the markets. Very nice! Thanks for your hard work on everything!

roguewave said...

Not sure but I believe dcat is looking for a proven track record or accountability and not just more sets of ideas and theories

...cost of admission can be cheap or does not matter...if I spend $6000 on newsletters to then go on and lose $100,000 then it was expensive no matter how you slice it...if I pay $25 and I'm a tiny fish and lose all my piggybank then that is expensive too....dcat has been around the bend..his comments I believe reflect his need to see performance rather than just "a few good ideas"... all this pie fighting people missed..

1. my crude humor
2. extrader's MProfile
3. today was reciprocal of breakout from pivot and opening range to s1(r1 today)..after snooze...shakeout...then retest of same opening range and pivot

Nav said...

Brett Barrett,Edwin,Mildred ,TAE ,
Kelly Blaine,tempo,TMG2010,BeCareful,


roguewave said... indeed.... with 20/20 posts like that all the time...heck I'd pay $25 just to see if she might have balls under her skirt!

These are ....Losers-- small people talk small!
Focus to be Successful,rather than Criticising and getting Distracted.


d33 said...

For $25/mo (non-recurring), just try it out to see for yourself. Why ask Carl for more detail? C'mon Cat, you're looking rather silly.

Anonymous said...

roguewave says ... indeed.... with 20/20 posts like that all the time...heck I'd pay $25 just to see if she might have balls under her skirt!

I think she does, you rogue!

Creating a dependency on Carl, or any other trader, free or not, is just not a good idea.

In my view, if you can't trade independently, you can lose big. Better to quit now!

For me, the blog has primarily been for entertainment purposes though it has been hard to find much sense of humor here.

Win said...

You don't need Dcat. I use your site and will pay for it. I am not a big fish and am grateful for the low rates you will be charging.

TraderO7 said...

Hi Carl,

Thanks for offering your service! As an ordinary individual learning to trade by myself, your site that charges $25.00 is a great value. The education it brings is valuable.

admin said...

Please do seriously consider charging for your blog as well, maybe a few bucks a month, just so that you can weed out losers, ingrates and pests and concentrate on your trading and teaching.

I don't think any of your followers is keen on reading posts like dcat's. Really a waste of our precious time.

Thank you for kind sharing all these while. You have not just the intelligence but also the character for success. Truly a rare breed.

Nav said...

So right what"angel"said....
I've been the most beneficiary of the blogs but "Carl Futia Real Time "is remarkably useful.If you start charging,..It is YOU who maintained balance in teaching w/so much fuss
Please Sir,give it a second thought!

sandy allred said...

Market appears prepared to chop slowly higher through next WED...accelerates higher THUR-MON. The uptrend which began about July 1 appears to end 20 Sept (MON) followed by a selloff into mid Nov.

Binary Events said...

With regard to the comments on the 25$ per month fee or the "free" blog, the following video may be worth watching:

janet said...

Carl,will this live daily seminar be in print too or totally audio...??? I am 80% deaf and have great difficulty hearing audio?? Thanks.

roguewave said...

MK..good enuff..oh and Kishore..sorry about the lack of entertainment much of the best stuff gets deleted all the me I know...ggg

okay MK.. so Carl's new deal is FREE but the Guru madness from followers cost $25/ close got a 5 day range ob reading equal or greater than readings on..

8/5 each case market lingered and/or popped but the end result was a high or highest close

Carl Futia said...


The seminar format is a blog with frequent posts in which I explain the reasons for my trades and market views. I also attempt to answer questions posed in the comments.

There is no audio involved at all.

catherine said...

Charles Nenner charges $300 a month.
Marc Faber big report is something like $2000 or $3000 a year.
Smaller one is $200 (I subscibe to the smaller one which is excellent but is macro views)
James Grant Interest Rate observer is $90 per issue, per week.
EWI basic is $57 a month
Neowave - about $2000 for all 4 services a year.
Chris Karcher charges $49 per month.

(Dont quote me on all these numbers - they are rough guides)

If you are making thousands, it isnt a lot. If you are not making money, it is horroble.

Will I subscribe to Carl? No but not because I dont think it has value.
I cant follow anyones elses signals. I have tried and it doesnt work for me.
I dont have time for complicated methods.
I dont want method - simply conclusions, no time for anything else - I dont care how they arrive at them. (I know I am the opposite of most people)

Does Carl have a reputation? Yes of course he does and it is good. However he also has a reputation for always being bullish and this is a problem. EWI similarly has a reputation for always being bearish and lost a lot of subscribers last year because of it.
Both Carl and EWI are better on other markets. EWI I think is particularly good on the dollar.
I read Carl and EWI together to get the opposite views of the stock market and sometimes the same view of other markets.

The best out of all the above in my opinion are Charles Nenner, Marc Faber and James Grant. -Also the most expensive.

q said...

There are newsletters that cost $100k to $250k per year. Altho these letters are meant for institutions. The letters out there meant for professionals on an individual basis are all roughly $1000 per month. MK