Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dull, Dull, Dull

I am surprised by today's low trading activity. But I do know that highs and lows are usually associated with high activity, not with dullness. So I think we are in a consolidation phase which will be resolved to the upside.


pimaCanyon said...

right, the old adage "never short a dull market". Which begs the question: Why did you sell your longs?

Nav said...

All learnt from you,believe in what you say...
Whatever happens,its my day and nite work through your blogs,holding longs
50% position of total.
Grateful for your updates and so much help all the time.
While typing,had bot other 1/2 @1090.50 FULLY LOADED!

tempo said...

The problem is that the $50 B stimulus for transportation and expensing of all new capital equipment will be used to purchase goods mfg overseas and imported. No domestic job creation, just more debt. w/o jobs slow death. Now only 58% of the population is employed compared to 62% over the past 40 years. Even during the previous recessions % of population employed never dropped below 62%, Something is VERY wrong and different this time. Corp get stiumlus/tax credits and use the money to mfg goods overseas. It can't continue. Domestic content of all goods consumed in US must be mandated. Yes this will trade a trade war and lower equities. The current policy is insane. Debt means more we export more jobs. Thats the reason the market is in a trading range. Sorry for the rant.

Nav said...

Carl Futia Real Time !
I'm so thankful to you for ALL THIS
Of course,it is far more to learn here and so so much for just 1 penny! All Freeeee ..Who gives like this...
Right now,working on trading ranges within trends.Excited!
Won't be posting comments very often,time to learn more and prove to be a good learner.

newbietrader said...

watch the aud/jpy pair

it trades almost tick for tick with the eminies

at no time today did they tell you to go long. and it still isn't

Hail said...

Naveedah, Thank you.