Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Long one unit at 1095.00


Nav said...

I sold and bot bk..Keeping longs as
my all week end work got strength from you(g.estimates),too.
It is my self motivated trade w/learnings from your blogs,always went remarkably positive.

Unknown said...

Hi Carl!

I believe this trade was a very good entry.
I would not sell for a small blip, if that ever happens.

Going forward I have one of the Most Bullish set of Weekly predictions for the Six major
US indexes in the past 2 - 3 month.

So I believe in 2 - 3 days time - frame it has even much better profit potential.

Also congrats to Your New Re Time Trading Seminar WEB site. Good luck with that one too.

Joe Papczun

Laurence said...

Carl, SPX gains 50 pts over 3 days. Why go long now?

Anonymous said...

Laurence said...

Carl, SPX gains 50 pts over 3 days. Why go long now?

To squeeze blood out of a turnip?

Nav said...

I'm holding positions in FTSE,DAX and
ES_F...Can subscribe in the evening.
hopefully you will let me sign up as I'm guessing as Its all free..so low in price and massive subscribers are expected! If I'm left then I'll cry rain.

extrader said...


Market may want to fill Fridays gap at 1088-1090... jmo

Glad to see u have a subscription site... it is well worth it, and u deserve it for some great calls!


Nav said...

Keeping in mind Rosh Hashana is this Thurs/Fri (meaning we may not see “normalized” volumes resume until next week..
Note that Obama is making a major address Wed and will be holding a press conf on Fri.

catherine said...

Eur chf, (all time lows) eur jpy, European bond spreads - are suggesting fear and risk. I am short.
Regards as always.

TMG2010 said...

Obama could Fup up a wet dream!

Nav said...

Selling above 1095.00-1096..buying below 1093..holding longs makes sense and safe to me !