Monday, September 20, 2010

Here is your chance!

If you'd' like to learn how I interpret market action in real time here's your chance.

In my seminar I give all the details of my thinking about trends, range estimates, etc. in enough detail so you can learn to do it for yourself. And you will see how I translate these calculations into actual trades in the S&P e-minis.

We started on September 7 and in the two short weeks since then I have answered more than 100 questions about my trades and trading technique. And this is in addition to the 62 posts I have written in less than 10 trading days. Plus, my actual trades during that time have put a $15 K account up 7%, not counting the long position taken today at 1123.25.

Check out Carl Futia's Real Time Trading Seminar.


Nav said...


Great News ,Sir!
I'll Subscribe tomorrow.
Thank you so much!

Nav said...

In any case I expect to go "live" no later than September 15, 2010.

I AM DUMB, TOO!Can't do tomorrow,sir!

Edwin said...

Great! Please ensure to have the capacity/support in place to handle the administrative details/efforts involved so that you are not distracted from trading.

PS. I quit my COO job (medical device mfg)to become a dedicated trader. Passion wins similar to your experience.

Best of luck to you!

Unknown said...

Great news indeed! Look forward to learning and getting a bit more involved and (hopefully) successful in trading with your seminars. Thank you!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for this opportunity,
I will sign up.

dcatlowpj said...

Carl, this is a tough job, keeping concentrated on your trades as well as commenting. Maybe the audio (rather than typing) will be easier for you. In the end, so long as you can prosper while teaching, a tough cause, the more power to you!

Nav said...

Teach us when and where it is in your comfort zone but while you are in trades no one of us be in access to you... to distract.
I'm doing GREAT w/ blogs anyway.
I'm so very HAPPY and THANKFUL for this AMAZING opportunity.
YOU are always a blessing.

Joge said...

You just stepped it up a notch.
I encourage readers of your blog to go to stock charts and vote for you.

E said...

Awesome news. A steal to get inside your mind.

This platform is reasonably priced and feature rich, should you ever decide you need to consider a platform with a few bells and whistles.

Teaching crystallizes thinking rather than diluting it.

Best wishes

TAE said...


Agree with you that teaching often provides clarity, not distraction.

Disagree with you that this platform is reasonably priced. It is not - it is way undervalued at the published price!

I hope there is no limit on the number of subscribers, if so, I hope I am first to sign up.

Best Regards,


Woodpile said...


I have been following your blog for a couple of years. During that time I have seen a lot of criticism for your forecasts and trades that go against you, especially during the late 2008/early 2009 market meltdown where you were bullish. Despite what your bias is you always trade around it and your track record is stellar proving that you are a true professional trader. I applaud you for opening up a paid site and offering your knowledge for a fraction of what others charge.


kcounty said...

has carl made an indication that he will discontinue THIS blog? I much prefer his longer term forecast and market summaries than a day2day picture, but i will prolly subscribe just to watch!

Hail said...

The pay site is a good idea and it has left everyone asking too many questions (some valid, some ridiculous posts).
May I suggest that you have one week free trial? It will clear everyone's questions and doubts and I'm sure you will attract many more buyers of this service -- which I think would be genuinely valuable to many investors, especially short term traders.


extrader said...



Makes a valid point to give a one week free trial, this way people will make their own decision if they are willing to risk $25!

I think if you want us all to learn why you went in on a trade, you have to show us everything you look at, ur charts, indicators, ranges, fibs, supp/resistance, etc... and im sure people would then make an educated decision whether your monthly fees are ridicolously low or just in line... Its like you graduated from Yale and Berkley... im sure u didnt mind spending the big tuition if you would get back 1000% return after graduating!

pimaCanyon said...

To Mohiuddin and other who have been asking, Carl answers a lot of questions here:

Michael said...

May I suggest you pay 25$ and try out yourself? If you want it or are just curious, why the hell not pay 25$??? I assume you have several thousands in place for your trading so why all the fuss about 25 again TWENTY FIVE dollars???

Joge said...

why, if anyone is making better trades and racking in big money, would fret about 1/4

Nav said...

" Michael said...

May I suggest you pay 25$ and try out yourself? If you want it or are just curious, why the hell not pay 25$??? I assume you have several thousands in place for your trading so why all the fuss about 25 again TWENTY FIVE dollars???"

q said...

To make a point, Carl could offer his pay site for just 1$ per month and there would still be lots of people reluctant to sign up and pay that 1$. Thats the difference between FREE and anything else.

Anonymous said...

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, when he first visited New York, charged a $2 entrance fee for his appearance in a church.

The explanation he gave was that people do not value what they get for free, including transcendental meditation technique. He himself skyrocketed to fame and material affluence because none other than the Beatles saw the value and paid him a fortune.

In other words, value, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.

Edwin said...


In my humble opinion, Carl can certainly do an excellent job teaching. I have no doubts...That's 25% of the battle.

Your ultimate success depends on your mastery on your own "emotion controls" to pull the trigger and sit tight again, like today.

Buying is easy. Selling is tough...

Carl...Please allow me to make it provocative. May I pay you to be the approval authority and I have to justify to you every time I want to buy or sell my positions?

I will pay you much more that $25/ month as my mentor, plus dinner for your family during the holidays-:))

Hail said...

There are a few here who would pay their life-savings for Carl's words, and possibly a limb or two (you know who I am talking about). For others it's a service which can sometimes be profitable, sometimes not.
I think some people are incorrectly debating "It's only $25, go get a life etc. etc.". The question is not about $25. My boss who is well worth $200 million would not pay $5 for something he doesn't understand well or hasn't tried yet. It's true that people lose/make thousands of dollars in trades, but human nature is such that we are very reluctant to pay even a small amount for something we are not 100% comfortable with. That's why I suggested having a free trial.
To the geniuses telling me "why not try for $25?", I would ask them to check out the ABC or marketing. For cult-worshippers, a free-trial makes no sense, for the rest I think there is something for the benefit of both Carl and the consumer, especially when it does not cost Carl to get people a free trial.

extrader said...

On this move down from 1103... we are entering 1101.50 VAH see if the market holds below this number... if it does, then i would expect to see 1097.50 VAL... if below 1097... going down to 1093!

But keep in mind 1098 is also Pivot... these are my figures!


extrader said...

I think this drop is over here at 1097... have to monitor this area and see if it holds to get long!

I think it will hold and we move up from here...

Michael said...

Mohiuddin: Is this a marketing blog or investment blog?

RobbyES said...

S Mohiuddin:

I think Carl has made it clear that he is not interested in obtaining subscribers who worry over $25. As for your boss, sure, he may be mega-rich, but so what, that doesn't mean he's not a cheap @$$.

Unknown said...


First, thank you for sharing your work in this blog over the past several years.

Re. the new service, can you describe how you will cover the topics listed in "What You Will Learn"? For example, will you cover an individual topic comprehensively in one entry or seminar, or comment on each sporadically in various entries? Will subscribers have access to all historical entries to study and gain a better understanding of the principles in the context of market scenarios?



Carl Futia said...


Topics will be covered as they become relevant to the market. I don't say more at any one time than can be comfortable written and read in a single post.

However, all posts are categorized by topic, so if you are interested in only one topic you can pull up a chronological list of posts relevant to that topic.