Monday, August 08, 2005

Baidu, Baidu

Take a look at this post on China Net Investor. It offers some Wall Street "wisdom" on, a Chines search engine company that went public Friday. I commented on BIDU a couple of days ago.

The Street hated Google at 100 and now hates at 123. They may be right this time, but I don't think so. This is a bull market and I predict BIDU will hit 270 (which is 10 times its IPO price) within 6 months.


Anonymous said...

You are out of your mind for saying
BIDU will hit ten times its
IPO price inside of 6 months.

Where's your evidence?

We all know BIDU will become another day traders stock.

In fact If I were you, I'd be shorting this one (heavily).

Expectations for the company are too high.

Looks like your guesstimate is based on GOOG's current multiple, but your forgetting that Google's revenues FAR supercede the paltry ones of BIDU.

For your own edification [and my shameless self promotion : )], I suggest you check out a more sober take on BIDU at

Dan Jacome
Managing Editor/Founder
Catablast! Media LLC

Carl Futia said...

Thanks for your comment, Dan.

Tell you what. YOU short heavily at the open on August 10 and I will buy heavily at the same time.

We'll both have some fun over the next six months!


Anonymous said...

Guess we are on.

Let's see where BIDU trades in 6 months.

If I get squeezed out, you'll have the last laugh...

Or will it be I?


Anonymous said...

carl, BIDU is at $80.

do you still think it is going to $270?

next stop -- $60

All aboard!