Friday, August 05, 2005

Guesstimates on August 5, 8:50 am ET

S&P: The market is headed for 1257; meantime 1235 is support.

Bonds: The 1/2 point of the box at 114-15 was broken on the employment number this morning, but I thinkthe market has already made the day's low at 114-02 and will close above 114-15.

10 Year Notes: The notes broke below the bottom of the box at 110-17 on the news this morning but I think it has already made the day's low at 110-05 and will close above 110-17.

Eurocurrency: The market has support at 122.70 and the next step upward will carry to 124.60.

September Crude: Resistance is 62.10 and the next move will be towards the bottom of its box at 57.20.

December Gold: will reach 449 soon and support is at 436.

Google: 292 is again support; the next move up will reach 343.

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