Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bold and Right

A wealthy, semi-retired speculator was walking with his teenage granddaughter one day. The girl asked him, "Grandpa, how did you make so much money trading?"

The old man thought for a minute and said, "Well, you have got to be bold and you have got to be right!"

She asked, " What happens if you are bold and wrong?"

"Then you just go down with the ship!" , he replied.

Above you will see an updated hourly chart of October crude oil. I am predicting the market will go down from here and soon reach its short term target of 60.50. I am bold. But will I be right? I think so!


Anonymous said...


How do you choose the "box"parameters? Is something you worked on

Anonymous said...

You didnt get the entire quote. Here it is for your readers. "... reminded me of my late lamented father, when I asked him as a boy, how you made money on the futures market. His Answer, 'you have to be bold and you have to be right'. I then said, 'what if you are bold and wrong,' and he said, 'you just go down with the ship.' He did just that, Unfortunately"