Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tale of the Tape


GOOG: Support at 456. Next upside target is 495.

IBM: Upside target is 110.

GS: Support at 198. Upside target is 235.

CME: Now headed up to 630. Support is at 516.

MO: Support is at 66. Upside target is 75.


BIDU: Support is at 115. Upside target is 150.

CSCO: Support is at 25. Next upside target is 33.

AAPL: Support is at 92. Next upside target is 116.

MSFT: Support is at 26.50. Next upside target is 33.50.

ICE: I now think the trend is up and that ICE is headed for 175. Meantime support is at 125.

NYX: Headed down to 77 then up to 115.

NMX: Headed down to 115.

PFE: Support is 25. Upside target is 30.

AMGN: Downside target is 50.

SHLD: Support is at 175. Upside target is 210.

KFT: Support is at 30. Next upside target is 39.

AMZN: Support is at 56. Upside target is 67.

EBAY: Support is at 30. Upside target is 40.

WMT: Support is at 45. Upside target is 55.


Anonymous said...

Is May 17 still the Domed House top target? Only 2 days away.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,
Can you describe how you arrived at the NYX downside target? I can't seem to get to it using your methods.


Anonymous said...

Sell in May and go away?

Anonymous said...

forget the doom, just take action as carl said. he seldome wrong.

but i do shorted the market.