Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tale of the Tape


GOOG: Support at 456. Next upside target is 495.

IBM: Will probably react to 103 and then rally to 115.

GS: Resistance is now at 233 and I am looking for a break to 216 or so. After that a move to 250.

CME: Should drop in line with the general market and reach support which now stands at 487. From there I expect to see a rally at least to 560.

MO: Support is at 68. Upside target is 75.


BIDU: Support is at 118. Upside target is 150.

CSCO: Support is at 25. Next upside target is 33.

AAPL: Support is at103. Next upside target is 116.

MSFT: Support is at 26.50. Next upside target is 33.50.

ICE: I now think the trend is up and that ICE is headed for 175. Meantime support is at 125.

NYX: I still think NYX will drop below its recent low at 79.31, this time finding support around the 75 level. After that a rally to 115 will become likely.

NMX: Lower tops show increasing weakness. I think NMX is about to break to 107.

PFE: Support is 25. Upside target is 30.

AMGN: Downside target is 50.

SHLD: I think SHLD is about to drop below initial support at 175 but it should hold the 168 level . Upside target is now 215.

KFT: Support is at 30. Next upside target is 39.

AMZN: Amazon should stall temporarily at 67 and react down to 63 or so. After that look for a rally to 76.

EBAY: Support is at 31.50. Upside target is 37.

WMT: We have seen a third lower top in WMT so I think it is headed for 41. I am abandoning my 55 target.

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