Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Cherries on Top

Here is the cover of the latest The Weekly Standard magazine. I am adding it to my cover collection for the financial crisis of January-March 2008. Its market implications are those which I discussed about a week ago in this post.

Above the Weekly Standard cover is the cover of the March 24 edition of U. S. News and World Report. It accurately reflects the fact that according to the latest University of Michigan sentiment surveys consumers are more fearful of the future than they have been in 25 years!

This market is going much higher.


Anonymous said...

hey carl
i tend to agree this market is heading back to test its highs
at a minimum , also looking at the nasdaq 100 11 month and 22 month cycles which are due to bottom in april iam looking for a 333 point rise there over the next 4 months
into august , as for the dow there is a 33 month cycle low due in march ( march is ending )
just about every cycle is ending and all pointing higher , as for my march 6th mkt low date
well the dow made its closing low
2 trading days late , a kinf of error i can live with . this is going to be interesting . the next short term cycle low is april 3rd
april 8th , ill leave the date range , cant rule out a test of 1287 on the spx cash , but unless everything i have been using is completely wrong we have all the basis covered for a multi month rally into aug sept 2008 and most likely into april 2009 , lastly
the princeton model is call for a low now ,so another cycle added to the mix .
cycle low april 3rd- 8th
cycle high april 17 -21
important that the dow makes it
above 12707 into next cycle high
12957-13136 is ideal
anono joe

Anonymous said...

I like your web site, but do not always agree with you. What would the S&P have to close below to get you to turn bearish?

Anonymous said...

There is an inverted Head and Shoulders pattern on the SPX daily chart

First Shoulder = March 10
Inverted Head = March 17
Last Shoulder = complete? or few more days of panicky action

Anonymous said...

Carl, your funny dude. Since last June i have read your blog, and you alwayy talk about media coverage and bearish front page articles blah blah blah... Dude, ever since your articles since June, market corrected 3 times. You are an idiot. Why dont you focus on your Lindsay analysis and not your stubborn contrary media coverage.

Anonymous said...

I just came across you blog Carl. I remember when you were posting on yahoo groups many moons ago. Your market commentary is enlightening as always!