Thursday, March 06, 2008

Guesstimates on March 6, 8:20 am ET

Spiders - March S&P E-mini Futures: I think the drop from 1390 is over and that the market will hold support at 1319. The next development will be a rally into the 1430-50 range. I still believe that new bull market highs will be seen in the next few months.

QQQ: The 42.00 level is support and from there the Q’s will rally to 47.50.

TLT - June Bonds: I now think the bonds are headed down to 112. I think TLT will drop to 88.

June 10 Year Notes: I think the notes are on the way down to 112.

Euro-US Dollar: The market has decisively broken through resistance at 151 and is now headed for 156.

Dollar-Yen: It now looks like the yen is headed for the 99.50 level.

XLE - OIH - USO – April Crude: The market has reached the 105-106 zone and I think a break of at least $20 will be the next development.

GLD - April Gold: I think gold futures are headed for 1000. Support is at the 920 level in the April contract.

SLV - May Silver: It looks like the silver will make it to 2200 and then begin a big break.

Google: I think the drop from the 747 high is nearly over. There is very strong support at 420 and my guess is that Google will make an important low near there and then begin a sustained up move. Meantime resistance is at 490.


Unknown said...

>>> I still believe that new bull market highs...

What bull market??? Where did you see a bull market?

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

wonder if you could revisit your domed house comments awhile back. Any chance of a re-evaluation? It DOES seem that we will test new lows first before we can see any new highs. I remember your target back then was DOW 10700.