Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tale of the Tape

The last tale can be found here.


GOOG: Support is at 565. Google is headed for 650.

IBM: A rally to 130 is underway.

GS: I think GS will rally to 250.

CME: I think the market will rally to 660 before the bull market ends.

MO: Support is at 65. Upside target is 75.


BIDU: No sign that the bull market is over. Support is 275. Next upside target is 335.

CSCO: Support is at 25. Next upside target is 40.

AAPL: Upside target is 190. Support is 115.

MSFT: Support is at 26.50. Next upside target is 33.50.

ICE: Next upside target is 190. Meantime support is at 124.

NYX: Support stands at 63. I think a rally to 90 is underway.

NMX: I think the action in NMX bodes ill for crude oil prices and for the price of NMX itself. Resistance is at 135 and the 100 level will be seen later this year.

PFE: Support is 22.50. Upside target is 30.

AMGN: A rally to 62 is likely but the bear market in AMGN is not over.

SHLD: Has reached support at 132. The next move should be upward to 155.

KFT: Support is at 30. Next upside target is 39.

AMZN: Upside target is now 105. Support is at 65.

EBAY: Support is at 30.00. Market should reach 50 in a few months.

WMT: Headed for 55. Support is at 42.50

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Unknown said...

Would you please update your view of the Shanghai Index? Many thanks