Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chart Link

For your convenience I have put up a permanent link to my charts on It appears on the right hand side of the blog as the second entry in the "Links" listing.


Anonymous said...

thanks Carl, super job with those links. I really know now what to do.


Anonymous said...

1300 got smacked right out and gold ripped throw 910 what next change your opinion as usual?

Carl Futia said...

"1300 got smacked right out and gold ripped throw 910 what next change your opinion as usual?"

When the facts change, I change my opinion. What do you do, sir?

Anonymous said...

Dear Carl,

That's an easy thing for an economist to say but very costly for a trader. Good luck.

Carl Futia said...

"That's an easy thing for an economist to say but very costly for a trader. Good luck."

Really? In other words, you are telling me that a trader is someone who does NOT change his mind when the facts change?

Anonymous said...

No Carl,I am just telling they do not change it so often.If ıt works for you just fine, that makes me wrong anyway but please take a look at how long you have been chasing Crude, gold . Why not buy it but rather wait for the next move to be down?You are not changing your strategy instead just the resistance support levels.Anyway I am not trying to open an argument with you. Any reader is free not to read your blog but personally I find it useful and aprpreciate your courage to post your ideas. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I felt we were already in the descent of the domed house and questioned about that possibility only to have my comment deleted and censored. So much for a GOOD liberal. Kind regards, Janet

Carl Futia said...


Sometimes I accidentally delete a comment I want to keep. This can happen if I hit the wrong key and there is no way to recover the lost comment.

If you don't see your comment about the market within 24 hours you should post it again.

Anonymous said...


since we lost 1300, where do you think s&p is headed next? thank you.



Anonymous said...

I read your post since early Match and i really appreciate your work. I find many times I lost money is because I wasn't follow your forecasting. This time I will hold my google August call unless the stock is down bellow 525.

I learned a lot from your blog and try to use your theory. There is one thing I don't understand. If I use your TA skill to analyse specific stocks, does it work? Is it useful to divided 1/4 line , 1/2 line and 3/4 line of those stocks?

Thank you.

Take care,


slip5ham said...

You do an excellent job providing your views, anybody questioning your motives is simply taking out their aggression on an innocent. I value your advice but am very clear that I am responsible for my own trades. The blame game is an unfortunate part of the human psyche, please do not allow these ignorant individuals to deter you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

It's great seeing your charts. Thanks for making them available!

In an attempt to answer Peter's question above: Using your charts and applying your box theory, the next support level is around 1272.

There's another support line at 1250 (on the weekly chart that shows the 2002 low).

So it looks to me like we could retest the March low of 1257.


Carl Futia said...


You took the words from my mouth. I think that the next support is at 1272 and that the market will begin a substantial rally from there.

Anonymous said...



Since I've posted the statement regarding Barry Ritholtz' "page views indicator" and the lack of comments being posted to your blog, we have seen 40+ comments posted, granted in various category of commentary but, the rise in comments is staggering..Dare I comes the bottom.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for misjudging you, please accept my apology. Kind regards, Janet

Anonymous said...

Mr. Futia, sir, you are one of a kind. Thank you for your support and your courage in posting your opinions despite the abuse you get here. I personally know one very good chartist who has shut down the comments section of his blog and stopped posting mostly because of inane and abusive comments. He felt that he just didn't deserve that treatment for trying to help people out. I hope for my sake that you don't do that while I'm still learning.

Anonymous said...


I think your post is very useful and informative. Keep it up and there are a lot of use who read it daily.

In order for the market to rally, there has to be a catlyst, which I think could be the bursting of the oil bubble. But you also state that in case oil breaches 140 (which it did today by a few cents) you may change your views for an upward momentum for it. In that case, how does the rally play out?

Is the support of 1272 on cash index or futures? Either way do you plan to go long if this support is held?

Anonymous said...

Oil did not close over 140. It has gone over 140 before also. Carl's condition was the close, which is the most important price.

Anonymous said...

I am a value investor, I am also check the blog every day. Now from value point of view, in the past 20 recessions, the largest earning drop is year 2000, from the peak earning dropped 32%, average drop is 17%. This time the peak earning is $96, you can see the market has good value. You can do this with normalize earning as well. What Buffet says, did say the market is expensive ? No he said, market is ok. Last year's annual meeting, he said, if you put a gun on his head, he will choose stocks right now. Carl does this all for free, so give him a break.


Anonymous said...

JH, sounds like you are a fundamental investor! This site is more technical.

P.S. Buffet is waaaay over-rated! Why does he not pay a dividend?