Monday, January 11, 2010


Here is my latest post on "The Art of Contrarian Trading".


Jack said...

(IMO) Anyone's guess right now to direction.

Just as long as US Tres and FedRsrv keep manipulating the market it will continue to rise.

Hard to go below 0% interest... next move is up.

Thanks for the update,


Anonymous said...

If the dollar loses half its value in one year, that is almost like -50% "interest rate", i.e. below 0%.

Dollar crashing is the way to go for the asset bubble to grow!

Joe said...

I find it very unconvincing how many comments state that this rally "is only because of 0% interest rates" or "only because of government / FED stimulus". If it were all by government intervention, why did Japan have to go thru 2 decades of deflation if the Japanese government could have resolved that by "0% interests" or "stimulus". They had both in gargatuuous levels and it did not amend to anything. In reality it's neither an all-wise and all-powerful government in the US nor an imbecile one in Japan that drives the stock market... it's the free market itself, driven by supply and demand. The awe so many people have for the goverment is without foundation. They don't even know who's invited to a dinner party and who isn't. Or who should fly to Detroit and who shouldn't. But they sure can manipulate the stock market by 50%. Whatever...

Jack said...


33 Liberty St is clearly manipulating the market higher. I'm sorry if you don't believe that, but it's true.