Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long one unit at 1130.75


Win said...

Good entry, Carl. Also, great work on only posting safe trades. You the man.

Unknown said...


I'll join you on this trade. Any break below 1132 on the S&P cash trade will take me out though as the uptrend line will be broken.

PM said...

Hi Carl,

While the chart looks very strong, and I believe it is, I will still have a confirmed sell signal according to my model today if we close below 1132.10.


Kindest regards,


spycharter said...

There's a gap in the S&P around 1116, I think we'll drop and fill that gap before we return to 1150.

Tim Mack said...

lots of paper selling in the pit...first time in a while

Tim Mack

Unknown said...

Very glad to see you back to posting trades. Appreciate the market direction updates as well -- yours is the very FIRST thing I look at in the morning.


curt said...

interesting...usually there seem to be more bear comments than bull when carl goes long. where did all the bears go? is this a contrarian indicator??