Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sold long unit at 1144.00


Unknown said...

A much deserved thanks! A great start to the new year -- even if it meant waiting for clouds to clear/volume to reappear. While I did not ride it all the way up, your directional call and targets helped me sneak some points.

Patience, Market insight, speculative edge .. personified!


Anonymous said...

This post is extremely interesting, really, but somewhat short on information like time of entry and price?

Carl Futia said...


Exert a little effort. Scroll down the blog to find the post with entry and time. It's not difficult.

janet said...

Very nice strategy play..

Tri Trader said...

Congrats Carl. My indicators and your validation helped me take the ride - 1128.75 - 1143.25. You are one of a few who are transparant and call it as you see it utilizing the tools that you have, including EW, without the complexity and mental gymnastics it tends to encourage.

Aarpenn said...


Great call on S&P today! My exit was not as high as yours, nevertheless worked out well. Thanks again


Sam said...

Carl, you should know that asking people to do an ounce of work for themselves is not how things are done these days.

Great calls. You da' man.



Urban Carmel said...


Well done. I should have listened to you! Darn.

Unknown said...

Thankyou Carl for your astute,actionable analysis. Very helpful and right on. Kudos.

Adsense said...

Hi Carl
when i look at the $util it apeasrs
the 413 level would be important resistance , maybe a high from there yet that is 2.9 percent higher from todays close , that would be 10990 dow 1162 emini spx
i dont know if that will be high
but those levels are not that far away . if the market does spike
id be hard pressed not to look for a high near there .