Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big Break Ahead in Gold, Silver and Oil

As I write this May silver is trading at 14.65, June gold at 641, and June crude oil at 73.90. Gold and silver have been going straight up the past few days. Gold is near my 661 target, silver has passed my 14.48 target and is near its 1983 top at 14.93. Oil is near my 74.30 target.

The whole situation has a very unstable feel to it and I think that these markets will soon top out together and drop substantially and very quickly from their highs. Such action would support a good rally in bonds. It would also be very bullish for the stock market.


Anonymous said...


how can oil be going down with all the geopolitical problems in many of the oil producing countries?

gibaryan said...

eventually oil down, gold down, silver down, and MARKETS DOWN.
Surrender to it.
How many time do you have to reconsider your view on gold and silver?
You're doing a great job on the market, but hell you're not getting it.
It's not a stock market anymore, it's INFLATION.

Gold Futures said...

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