Thursday, April 20, 2006

Guesstimates on April 20 , 9:10 am ET

June S&P Futures: Support today is at 1308 and I think that the market will soon be trading above 1330.

June Bonds: The bonds hit 106-24 yesterday and now will probably rally to 108-12.

June 10 Year Notes: The notes should now rally to 106-12.

US Dollar -Euro: The market has reached 123.80 and will probably hold 122.80 on a reaction. Next upside target is 125.20.

June Crude: Switching to the June contract which is trading about 1.90 over May. The  upside target at the 74.30 level, the 7 5/8 multiple of the all time low at 9.75, has been reached and I think the market is about to drop substantially along with gold and silver.

June Gold: The 661 level is strong resistance and I don’t think gold will move past there before a big break begins.

May Silver: Silver moved above my 1448 target but stopped shy of the 1493 high made in 1983. I think this market is very unstable and will soon begin a big break from current levels.

Google: GOOG is on its way to 440 and I now believe that continuation up to 495 is also likely. Support is at 402.

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